Darnitsa and UKRMEDSERT are enhancing the qualifications of specialists of pharmaceutical companies

Darnitsa and UKRMEDSERT are enhancing the qualifications of specialists of pharmaceutical companies

October 25, 2021

The pharmaceutical company “Darnitsa” in cooperation with the educational center UKRMEDSERT have developed a training programme for specialists of pharmaceutical companies. The set goal is of huge importance – to expand the use of digital technologies in the regulatory process. The very first module “Digital technologies in pharmacovigilance” is looking closely at peculiarities of using digital tools to boost the effectiveness of the pharmacovigilance system.

The contents of the module touches on various issues of creating a modern digital system, outlines the challenges that face the pharma in Ukraine, and scrutinises the tools used to automate the processes. Managers and specialists of medical and regulatory departments of companies together with pharmacovigilance specialists took part in the first part of the educational programme .

In the comments to this initiative the management team and the chairman of the board of directors Dmytro Shymkiv stated that digitalizing is changing the healthcare system, advancing its effectiveness and focusing on the patient. Leapfrogging, Darnitsa started the processes of digital transformation in general and  digitalizing of the regulatory function in particular, as well as creation of the digital platform for carrying out the pharmacovigilance activities. It’s a rare occasion for Ukraine that’s why the pharmaceutical concern and UKRMEDSERT have developed an educational case to share the practical experience of digital systems introduction. This will let us speed up the positive changes in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry.

During the module, Darnitsa specialists showed their colleagues bigger possibilities of the digital pharmacovigilance system in comparison with its classical format. In particular, the digitalization of this function allows you to optimize and at the same time accelerate the collection and processing of data coming from various sources, and also helps to solve the problem of their possible loss. The system can also quickly collect the information from scientific publications and the press. This gives experts a more complete picture of the reports on a specific phenomenon or drug.

In the future, the digital pharmacovigilance system will allow Darnitsa to successfully fulfill the requirements of foreign regulators and enhance the safety of drugs. In total, in 2021, the company’s specialists will deliver 13 lecture modules for the students of the UKRMEDSERT training center. At the next events, it is planned to look at the practical experience of introducing an electronic dossier of a medicinal product, and other relevant topics will also be brought to the attention of the participants.