Model’s smiley bikini picture sparks concern as fans spot sad detail

Model’s smiley bikini picture sparks concern as fans spot sad detail

November 15, 2023

An influencer shared the truth behind her glamorous bikini snap.

Even though Anna Paul was pictured grinning on the beach, fans think they spotted something amiss. Some noticed she'd lost weight, which they feared could be a result of her recent breakup.

A commenter asked: “The insane amount of weight you’ve lost is saddening. I hope you are okay, Anna."

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So wanting to put the rumours to rest, the 24-year-old model decided to respond. She said: “Heartbreak is a weight loss hack; please avoid it at all costs…

“I was too sad and stressed to eat for the past few weeks so I definitely know why. It was unintentional, but at least I know that I just wasn’t eating, and it is not completely out of the blue."

Anna, from Australia, seems to be struggling after splitting from her long-term boyfriend Glen Thomson.

In an emotional TikTok video, which has since garnered millions of views, she opened up about the breakup. She said: “Glen and I broke up. We just aren’t in a relationship anymore and we are now both single."

The social media star insisted the break-up was "mutual" and said she's still on good terms with Glen. She continued: “We still love each other so much, And that’s what it what’s happened. So, yeah."

And on Instagram, Glen wrote: “I know this will be shocking for everyone to hear but we are both on very good terms and will always have room in our hearts for each other.”

Fans were devastated by the update though, with one writing: “Nah, that ruined my day. I’m so sorry for everyone in the chat. My condolences."

Another said: "Can't imagine how hard this must be. Sending love." And a third added: "I'm bawling. I feel like I just got broken up with."

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