ITV Emmerdale fans predict pregnancy bombshell and DNA twist amid village affair

ITV Emmerdale fans predict pregnancy bombshell and DNA twist amid village affair

November 15, 2023

Emmerdale fans are buzzing with theories that Tracy Metcalfe, played by Amy Walsh, might be expecting a baby soon. This comes after she was seen getting cosy with Caleb Milligan, portrayed by Will Ash, once again. 

In the episode aired on November 9, Tracy and Caleb shared a heated kiss, and not for the first time.

However, as they were in the moment, Tracy's husband Nate Robinson, played by Jurell Carter, emerged from their house – but he didn't appear to see anything. This secret smooch happened just as Leyla Harding, played by Roxi Shahidi, returned to the village.

Leyla used to date Caleb and he has since offered to be Tracy's new business mentor. As Caleb and Leyla planned to go on a night out with one another, he went to secretly visit Tracy to ask her what she wanted, following their first kiss. 

Tracy told him: "Caleb, Nate is inside with Frankie," to which he Caleb replied: "That is not an answer. Let me tell you, Tracy, because I know what I want and it's not Leyla, it is you."

She responded: "No, this is what you do. Leyla has told me your charm and you use and you disregard." He argued: "Leyla was just a fling. This is different, but do you want it?"

The pair shared a kiss, but were caught off guard when Nate walked out and quickly jumped apart. Fans quickly took to social media to share their predictions about what might happen next.

Many fans think that Tracy might end up pregnant, and there's a chance Caleb could be the baby's dad. One fan tweeted: "Tracey is gonna be pregnant very soon by the looks of things # Emmerdale."

Another fan chimed in: "#emmerdale Tracy and Caleb start sleeping together and Tracy wonders who the father is. It is the Emmerdale way." A third fan speculated: "So is this the affair that's coming up and Tracy gets pregnant?" A fourth fan joked: "Like Nate wouldn't have seen them swapping saliva #Emmerdale."

Elsewhere in scenes set to air next week, Mack and Charity are finding the forced space between one another hard to deal with.

When Charity comes up with a plan to flee the village and head to Scotland to spend some time with her daughter, Mack takes drastic action and lies down in front of her car to stop her moving.

The pair later confess their love for each other before Mack suggests that they get back together and tell Chloe the truth.

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