Robbie Williams’ five-word comment about Ayda as he realised ‘this is not working out’

Robbie Williams’ five-word comment about Ayda as he realised ‘this is not working out’

November 15, 2023

Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field have shared details about their early dating days in a new Netflix documentary. The couple, who are now happily married with kids, initially struggled to connect on their first date.

Robbie recalled the awkward start of their relationship, saying: "She came over to my house after being at a party. I just saw off my dealer that I was sleeping with at the time."

Ayda also remembered their first meeting as quite strange, saying: "The house is completely f***ing dark. No candles. I'm like this is f***ing weird. So we're sitting there, we have nothing in common."

Robbie confessed: "I was like, 'Oh this is not working out. I better take her back to the party where she has come from.'"

Fortunately, they soon found common ground during their car ride as Ayda revealed: "Unbeknownst to me, Rob was actually going to ditch me at this party!

"I guess we start, maybe because we surrendered to the fact we were not each other's person, and this was a total mess. We were just completely loose with each other and we were saying funny s**t in the car. And I was like, 'Oh he's funny!'"

Robbie ended up joining the party and they quickly clicked as he shared: "I had this moment where I felt like I had known her forever."

After a quick trip to the bathroom to take drugs, Ayda whisked him away to care for him at home.

She explained: "We stayed up talking. He explained he had been sober for a very long time. He had just relapsed. It was like my entryway into addiction. I remember that being very scary.

"I was really liking this person a lot. Here was this incredibly troubled soul, a rock star in another country and f***ed up about it and a complete mess and so my person. Like my f***ing soulmate."

It comes as Ayda revealed she felt "vulnerable" as she watched a phone call which ended her marriage to Robbie.

Speaking in a video posted to her Instagram, Ayda said: "Hi everybody in Instaworld it is the eve of the premiere of the Robbie Williams documentary on Netflix and I have been getting a lot of texts about it today and it occurred to me as I was getting all these texts that I'm feeling incredibly vulnerable about everyone seeing out lives, Robbie's life, our life, our kids'.

"It feels like everyone's kind of looking through my knicker drawer, Rob's knicker drawer."

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