ITV Big Brother’s Olivia among several housemates set to face double eviction

ITV Big Brother’s Olivia among several housemates set to face double eviction

November 15, 2023

Five Big Brother housemates are to face the public vote this week in a double live eviction.

Olivia, Jenkin, Chanelle, Noky and Trish have received the most nominations from their fellow housemates and will face a potential eviction.

During Wednesday’s instalment of the reality show, before the housemates were invited to make their nominations, Big Brother announced that there had been another rule break concerning the discussion of nominations.

Earlier in the week Jenkin had been nominated by Trish, Yinrun, and Jordan after their team failed The Hunger Games task, and it was when Jenkin, Olivia, and Chanelle were discussing this that they broke the rules.

Reflecting on the upcoming nominations, Olivia told her pals: "Tomorrow is going to be f***ing hard." To which Jenkin and Chanelle replied: "For you" before Chanelle added: "I forgive but I'll never forget. For me, my best mate is up for eviction."

Olivia then said: "So you know what? In a way I needed to hear that because sometimes I can be a bit like that where I see something in someone and think…"

Jenkin then quickly put an end to the conversation, but not before viewers, and Big Brother, noticed the rule break

On Tuesday, viewers watched a conversation between Jenkin, Olivia and Chanelle, in which they could be heard discussing Jenkin's nomination.

As a result of what was said, Chanelle had her immunity, which she had won during The Hunger Games task, revoked – meaning contestants could nominate her.

Meanwhile Olivia had her nominations privileges revoked and faced an additional punishment of having to write 600 lines that read: “I must not break the rules.”

This was the second time Olivia has broken these rules, as she previously used secret messages to discuss nominations with Hallie, leading to the pair of them being put in a jail cell in the garden.

Olivia's previous punishment led to a number of complaints to Ofcom after the pair were left outside in the rain, with viewers also sharing their thoughts on social media.

One wrote: "Complaining to ofcom as we speak." Another added: "Can't wait to see how many ofcom complaints there are about hallie and olivia being left in the rain."

After the pair was let out of the cages, a third fan wrote: "#Big Brother has freed OLIVIA and HALLIE from jail in the garden and they are raging. Rightfully so."

On Friday night, two housemates will be evicted from the Big Brother house before they join presenters AJ Odudu and Will Best who will interview them on Big Brother: Late & Live.

Big Brother continues on ITV2 and ITVX.

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