BBC Strictly Come Dancing pro blasts judges for saving Angela Rippon after ‘worst ever dance’

BBC Strictly Come Dancing pro blasts judges for saving Angela Rippon after ‘worst ever dance’

November 16, 2023

Strictly Come Dancing legend Brendan Cole has criticised the show for saving Angela Rippon after her "worst ever dance".

The broadcaster and her pro dancer Kai Widdrington were in the dreaded dance-off against Adam Thomas and Luba Mushtuk last weekend, but all four judges voted to save Angela, a decision that has sparked backlash online.

And it's not just fans who have been left shocked at the judges' decision – former dancer Brendan, 47, who was a pro dancer on the BBC show from 2004 to 2018, has also argued that the judges made the wrong choice and that Adam's dance was "much better."

Speaking to The Sun, he admitted that while he didn't "see a mis-step" from Angela, he did notice a "massive wobble at the end."

He confessed: "Her timing was a little off. She had turned out feet which you can't really have in ballroom dancing.

"It was her worst dance, and she didn't perform it as well as she did the first time she performed it. Adam and Luba were much better in the dance-off than Angela and Kai."

Brendan continued: "Having said that, in general, Angela has been much better than what Adam has been. It's probably better for the show that Angela stays, but that's not what the dance-off is about."

Brendan wasn't the only one upset with the dance-off result, as fans shared their thoughts on social media platform X, previously known as Twitter.

One user wrote: "There's no point the judges gasping in shock. If they'd scored Angela Rippon properly Adam would've been higher up in the table and might've swerved the dance-off."

Another highlighted how harsh the judges had been with their scores that week, as they argued: "Do they think we are stupid? 'Oh they've rumbled our high scores, reduce the scores of Adam as crap so that he'll go and keep Angela in!"

A third agreed, writing: "They scored her the same as Angela S and 3 behind Layton. I mean come on!!!" A fourth speculated: "Pretty sure the goal is to get her to Blackpool so they can link it with Come Dancing."

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