Prince Andrew may be relieved he isn't in the final The Crown segments

Prince Andrew may be relieved he isn't in the final The Crown segments

October 26, 2023

EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Prince Andrew may be relieved he doesn’t feature in the upcoming final segments of The Crown

Prince Andrew might sigh with relief that he doesn’t feature in the forthcoming final segments of The Crown, which concludes ten years before publication of the first allegations that he had had sex with Virginia Giuffre. 

And Prince Harry barely features, with creator Peter Morgan admitting that he hadn’t read Spare: ‘I’ve not read a word of it,’ he said. ‘I didn’t want his voice to inhabit my thinking too much.’

Feverishly promoting his new play about Diana’s Panorama interview, Jonathan Maitland accuses Prince William of enabling ‘blatant censorship’ by urging the BBC to ban it. 

‘So why are the BBC and William behaving like this?’ he asks. ‘There’s dramatic irony here. The son Diana brought up to have the courage to speak out silenced his own mother for having the courage to speak out.’

Prince Andrew will be relieved isn’t featured in the last segments of the Crown, set ten years before the first published allegations that he had sex with Virginia Giuffre, writes EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE

Creator of the Netflix series Peter Morgan admitted that he had not read Prince Harry’s memoir Spare, saying that he didn’t want the Duke of Sussex to ‘inhabit his thinking’

With Rishi marking his first anniversary as PM, where is predecessor Liz Truss’s resignation honours list? 

Both the honours unit and the House of Lords Appointment Commission have long finished their vetting of the 14 names (believed to include four peerages). 

My mole whispers that it has temporarily disappeared into a Room 101-like filing cabinet between the Honours Unit and Rishi’s desk. Boris’s longer and more controversial list took nine months to appear, which was itself a record.

Stanley Baldwin had been in Downing Street for only eight months when he issued his 1924 resignation list of 38 names including one peerage, nine baronetcies, nineteen knighthoods and two damehoods. 

Sir Alec Douglas-Home, a PM with a tenure almost as short as that of Liz Truss, gonged thirteen people – one fewer than Liz – after his 363-day stint in office.

My mole tells me that Liz Truss’s resignation honours list a Room-101 like filing cabinet, the honours unit and House of Lords Appointment Commission having long vetted the 14 names included

Extras star Ashley Jensen reveals the disapproval of her fourteen-year-old son watching Kate Winslet, pictured, appearing on a film set in the satirical show with Ricky Gervais and saying: ‘You are guaranteed to get an Oscar if you play a mental.’ 

‘My son watched it,’ says Ashley, adding that he ‘couldn’t believe’ that was in the script. ‘Some of the kids in his year are quite divisive about that kind of comedy,’ she said. ‘And I’m, like, wow, gosh.’

Clive Myrie has exchanged dodging rockets in Israel for promoting his new memoir in London. The BBC has granted Clive leave from the front line to do battle at the Wimbledon Bookfest. Isn’t life grand?

Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly one of the first guests booked into Claridges’ new £60,000-a-night ninth-floor penthouse with four bedrooms and a roof garden. 

It also boasts artwork by Damien ‘formaldehyde’ Hirst, including a hideous sculpture of St Bartholomew on a coffee table. Shouldn’t Leo ask for a discount?

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