7 Bachelor Stars Who Didn't Hook Up In The Fantasy Suites

7 Bachelor Stars Who Didn't Hook Up In The Fantasy Suites

September 4, 2023

A surprising number were virgins going into the Fantasy Suites

For contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, everything leads up to the highly coveted Fantasy Suite dates.

After weeks of cameras capturing their every move, the overnight date gives them a chance to privately get to know one another — and take things to the next level.

While the Fantasy Suites have become known for their hot and heavy hook ups, some Bachelor stars decided to skip the sex part of things. Whether it’s a decision they made out of consideration for other contestants or a just personal preference, these members of Bachelor Nation say they kept it PG in the Fantasy Suites.

Here’s what went down for these Bachelor stars…

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1. Sean Lowe

When Sean Lowe was The Bachelor in 2013, he decided that he wasn’t going to go all the way with any of his final three women in the Fantasy Suites. Instead, he says he used the time to get to know the ladies without the cameras around.

“The bottom line was that I wasn’t going to have sex with any of the remaining three women that week. I wanted to use that night, alone, without any distractions, to really connect with the women. Plus, I wanted to know how they’d act when the cameras weren’t rolling,” Sean wrote in his book “For The Right Reasons.”

During the finale, Sean popped the question to his now-wife Catherine and the pair have been together ever since.

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2. Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard was the first Bachelorette to completely skip all three of her Fantasy Suite dates. At the time, Emily decided that she wanted to abstain from her overnight dates in order to be a good role model for her young daughter. While she didn’t hook up with any of her final three suitors, contestant Sean Lowe once claimed that Emily secretly met up with all three men later.

“She said, ‘Listen, I’m only going to do this with you.’ We’re going to look like we’re going to wrap up the date, but then we’re going to go to the Fantasy Suite and we can just hang out. And so, that’s exactly what we did…We spent four hours with no cameras and so I’m thinking, ‘If she’s only doing it with me, then she must want to choose me.’ Of course it was that same week she sent me home. And I found out she did it with the other guys too,” Sean told Dish Nation.

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3. Trista Sutter

Trista Sutter served as the first ever Bachelorette in the franchise and almost a decade after her season wrapped, she implied that she didn’t have sex with any of her final three. On X (formerly Twitter), Trista explained that the suites weren’t all about hooking up.

“Fantasy Suite isn’t all about sexual fantasies as it may imply. In my mind, it was more about getting 1 on 1 time without cameras.Sooo impt!” Trista wrote.

Trista ended up getting engaged to Ryan Sutter and the couple are still together to this day.

4. Matt James

When it came time for the Fantasy Suite, former Bachelor Matt James didn’t hook up with any of his three finalists — Rachael Kirkconnell, Michelle Young and Bri Springs. Looking back after the show wrapped, Matt explained that he simply wanted to get to know them better.

“I can’t speak for anybody but myself, but I think the women appreciated it. Because I did learn things about them that I hadn’t gathered — that I don’t think I would have learned if I hadn’t used that time to really dive deeper into something that they might not have been comfortable talking about on camera,” he told WSJ Magazine.

5. Becca Tilley

When Becca Tilley signed on for Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor, she was still a virgin. When she made it to the Fantasy Suite, many fans questioned whether Chris had taken her virginity. On X (formerly Twitter), Becca shot down rumors that the pair had hooked up.

“Oh snapppp! Gonna take a lot more than a great day and a fantasy suite, yall!” Becca wrote.

6. Madison Prewett

When Madison Prewett joined Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, she knew she wanted to abstain from sex until marriage. She made it all the way to Peter’s final three before telling him she didn’t plan on having sex — and didn’t want him to have sex with the other women either. While Peter acknowledged her request, he didn’t agree to it and ended up hooking up with the other women.

“He couldn’t understand why I was so worried about what had happened in his other relationships and why that should affect ours. I looked at him bleakly and responded, ‘I just can’t fathom on my engagement day, you get down on one knee and propose to me when six days before that you were intimate with someone else,’” Madison wrote in her book “Made For This Moment.”

Madison and Peter had a heavy conversation during their own Fantasy Suite date, where Peter revealed he had been intimate with other women. Madison ended up walking away from the date — but Peter still gave her a rose the next day.

7. Sadie Murray

Sadie Murray was the first person to ever reveal she was a virgin in the Bachelor franchise. When she appeared on Prince Lorenzo Borghese’s season of The Bachelor in 2007, she openly shared that she was saving herself for marriage. She made it all the way to Lorenzo’s final two — and along the way wrestled with whether or not she would accept a date in the Fantasy Suite. She ultimately decided to join Lorenzo for an overnight date but it appears she kept true to her vow to remain a virgin.

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