I'm a professional cleaner and there are five items I'd never have, and the kitchen design everyone should avoid | The Sun

I'm a professional cleaner and there are five items I'd never have, and the kitchen design everyone should avoid | The Sun

September 9, 2023

IF you're looking to renovate your home any time soon, then you may just want to take note…

That's because a professional cleaner has revealed the five style choices she'd never make in her house because they're a nightmare to keep dust-free and sparkling.

In the clip shared to TikTok (@leaderscleaning), she says: "Five things I wouldn't do in my house after being a cleaner."

The cleaning whizz begins by urging people never to opt for pocket-like kitchen handles.

"They rarely get properly cleaned and disinfected deep inside," she warns.

"It's also a mission to do it."


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Next up, the cleaning pro recommends people avoid purchasing a round shower cabin as it simply asks for trouble.

"They're harder to clean, squeegee and get into sliding fixtures," she says.

"Could save space but would keep as a last resort."


Not stopping there, the cleaning whizz makes clear that she's also not a fan of black glass coffee tables or furniture.

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"Reflects dust so much even when cleaned frequently," she points out.

Then there's the issue with having a kitchen rug.

"Looks good but gets dirty constantly with all the cooking," she notes.

And last but not least, the cleaning expert recommends avoiding ceiling high wardrobe mirrors – unless of course, you want to waste hours cleaning.

"As they're used often there are always fingerprints and they're hard to polish at the very top," she explains.

The video has since gone viral, racking up a whopping 115k views and several comments, with many eager to share their thoughts.

"I have one of those showers in my utility. It’s always dirty. How do in clean it??" asked one.

A second commented: "Totally agree about the rounded shower.

"I pretty much have to take it apart to clean it properly."

A third advised: "For the round showers – use a toothbrush and get a stepping stool for high mirrors."

Meanwhile, a fourth pointed out: "They make washable kitchen rugs.

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"Mine gets washed every two days."

And another shared her biggest bugbear and wrote: "High gloss kitchen cupboards mirrored/glass furniture."

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