I'm 59 and fit – lifting heavy like a man sounds crazy but it gave me feminine muscle, you can see it on my body | The Sun

I'm 59 and fit – lifting heavy like a man sounds crazy but it gave me feminine muscle, you can see it on my body | The Sun

October 29, 2023

SHE might be a senior, but one 59-year-old woman has shared how her heavy lifting keeps her in shape – and feeling sexier than ever.

The fitness buff credited her demanding workout routine to her slim physique.

"This is going to sound crazy, but if you would lift heavy, like a man, you will get beautiful, feminine, toned muscle after 50," said (@thisboomermom).

The post-menopausal mom upped her weightlifting game – and hasn't looked back since.

The gym-goer could be seen lifting a pair of weights over her head while standing up and lying down on a bench.

And she didn't want her small frame to fool you – she wasn't going easy on herself.

Rather, she was lifting the same heavy weights that a much stronger man would usually be working with.

Some impressed fans wondered just how much she was was able to lift.

"You are a babe! Are those 20-pound weights?" asked one such curious follower.

"I use 20s to chest press, 15s for bicep curls, 40s for deadlifts, I squat with 50," she explained.

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Wearing a tight sports bra and matching shorts, she even took her toned workout game outside where she performed some squat jumps.

One fan with a medical question wanted to know how she could still get in on the weightlifting game.

"My wrists and hands have arthritis. Any tips on how to lift heavy in spite of this?" the follower asked.

"Yes, there are special grips you can buy – takes pressure off of certain lifts. When doing things like push-ups you adjust your wrists and arms forward," she responded.

The petite blonde might have been doing a man's routine, but she was all woman.

The healthy eating guru regularly posts about how she stays strong at almost 60.

Aside from heavy weightlifting, the toned TikToker's tips included eating more protein, getting more sleep, and doing less cardio.

The swimsuit-wearing fitness junkie also shared how she rarely drinks alcohol and limits her sugar intake.

She also does her own DIY projects, including painting around the house to save money.

And when it comes to dressing, the ageless fashionista has also made it clear that she still wears whatever she wants.

The fitness fan had also found additional admirers.

"Go sister," said one encouraged viewer.

"Not crazy – muscle is the fountain of youth!" yet another follower agreed.

"You get it!" she replied.

According to boxlifemagazine.com, the average weight for a conventional deadlift for a woman is approximately 83 pounds for beginners and close to 200 pounds for immediate-level lifters.

This means that female beginners should be able to lift around half their body weight while intermediate lifters can lift 1.5 times their bodyweight.

When it comes to men, the average deadlift weight for novice lifters is around 173 pounds, while intermediates can lift up to 336 pounds.

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Unlike female lifters, a beginner male can lift his bodyweight in pounds with ease, while an intermediate can deadlift two times their weight.

This is evident due to the natural and biological differences between men and women. However, when put into context, a woman lifting twice her body weight is just as impressive as a man.

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