Sophia Culpo CONFIRMS Braxton Berrios Cheated On Her – She Caught Him Using An NFL Spy!

Sophia Culpo CONFIRMS Braxton Berrios Cheated On Her – She Caught Him Using An NFL Spy!

September 22, 2023

Sophia Culpo is finally telling her full side of the story!

For months, there has been speculation over whether the 26-year-old social media influencer’s former boyfriend, Braxton Berrios, had cheated on her. Sophia cryptically said they broke up earlier this year after he had betrayed her, and it didn’t take fans long to realize that she most likely meant he hooked up with someone else. And that someone else potentially had been TikToker Alix Earle, who was seen with Braxton shortly after Sophia’s post.

He denied ever cheating on the younger sister of Olivia Culpo. In an interview with Call Her Daddy Wednesday, Alix swore she did not begin “hooking up” with Braxton while he was still with Sophia and even asked for “receipts” from him to prove he wasn’t a cheater. But Sophia insists she caught him red-handed!

The model appeared on her sister Aurora’s Barely Filtered podcast with Kristen Gaffney on Wednesday, where she talked about the scandal surrounding the end of her relationship with Braxton. Can we talk about the inneresting timing of this podcast? Is it a coincidence it happened on the same day as Alix’s appearance on Call Her Daddy or not? Anyways…

On the podcast episode, Sophia did not leave a cryptic response for fans and confirmed Braxton did cheat on her. Ugh. How did she find out? She explained that someone close to the New York Jets told her about a conversation between the wide receiver and another teammate where he alluded to cheating:

“Someone we know was doing some digging for me around the team and that was how I got confirmation that this wasn’t the first girl also. (Berrios) was like, ‘Ladies don’t have to know about tonight,’ and this teammate was like, ‘I’m single, so, it’s fine.’ (Berrios) goes, ‘Oh, well I’m having fun tonight.’”

Kristen then chimed in:

“Like if she doesn’t know, she doesn’t have to know.”

But this wasn’t the very first sign of his infidelity! Sophia explained that Olivia had been the one to first tell her about Braxton’s cheating, recalling:

“Technically, first I found out from Olivia because she was there . She calls me and she’s like ‘I’m so sorry I want you to hear this from me, he’s cheating on you.’ I just remember my stomach drops. I want to throw up … and then I call him and I go, ‘Was there anything you want to tell me?’ I never heard this tone in his voice, , ‘No.’”

She added:

“We had a long conversation and one of the last things I will never forget him saying to me was: ‘I wouldn’t go forward with that story because that’s not how I remember it.’”

WTF?! What a s****y thing to say to someone he had hurt through his awful actions!

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But what does Sophia have to say about Alix? When asked if she hates the influencer, she said Braxton ultimately was the one who had the responsibility to be loyal to her, and Alix owed her nothing:

“She might not have been aware. Who knows what was said.”

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So true. Who knows what Braxton said to make it seem like he was the good guy in the situation. But no one would have blamed Sophia for being a tad angry at Alix as well, especially after she has come out to say her and Braxton never cheated.

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