Lisa Armstrong 'axed from Britain's Got Talent' as working with ex Ant McPartlin had become 'untenable'

The Mirror reports that the make-up artist will no longer be working on the hit reality show since splitting with the award winning presenter.

Lisa, 42, has spent more than ten years working on the programme but will not return to ensure Ant's comeback “goes smoothly with no unnecessary distractions”.

A show insider told the paper: "Although everyone is very fond of Lisa, it was clearly untenable to carry on working together.

“Ant and Dec are two of the most senior people on the show, sometimes these tough decisions have to be made.”

It comes after The Sun exclusively revealed that Ant has been cleared to return to work next month.

Ant and Dec’s comeback as a double act comes after McPartlin took eight months off work after crashing his car in a drink drive incident.

Lisa works full time as a make-up artist on Strictly Come Dancing and heads up the Bafta winning team.

She has also worked on Britain’s Got Talent and for Stephen Mulhern on his new series, In For A Penny.

Lisa is said to have expected the chop and can look forward to her new role on a new makeover TV show.

She will work alongside Kate Middleton’s hairdresser, Richard Ward, and stylist Erica Matthews, whose work has appeared in a number of high fashion publications, including British Vogue.

Insiders told The Sun Online Lisa was the perfect choice for the show, which is still in the development stage.

The Sun Online has contacted Lisa's representatives for comment.

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‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ Reigns for Third Week at Sleepy Pre-Holiday Box Office

Ralph Breaks the Internet” still maintained its crown on another quiet weekend at box office. The Disney animated movie added an estimated $16.1 million to its domestic gross for a current total of $140.8 million, bringing its worldwide revenue to $258.1 million so far.

The long-awaited sequel to 2012’s “Wreck-It Ralph” narrowly beat “The Grinch“, which also stayed on its position at No. 2 with additional $15.2 million in its fifth week, dropping only 15.4% from last week. The Christmas-themed movie has brought in a total of $322.4 million from North American and international markets against its estimated $75 million budget.

The rest of the top six are non-movers, with “Creed II” placing third by adding an estimated $10.3 million to its domestic gross. “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” is still at No. 4 with approximately $6.8 million, and “Bohemian Rhapsody” rounds out the top five with approximately $6 million.

Meanwhile, “A Star Is Born” and “The Favourite” saw a significant surge in ticket sales, thanks in part to their Golden Globe nominations. The drama musical rose one slot to No. 11 with an estimated $2.5 million (+38.3%) and the biographical drama climbed up from No. 14 to No. 12 with approximately $1.4 million (+33.4%).

The box office saw little competition as there’s no new wide release this weekend. Some of the new limited releases are “Mary Queen of Scots” starring Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie, which debuted at No. 23 with an estimated $200,000, and “Vox Lux“, which entered the chart at No. 25 with approximately $162,252 opening gross. The latter has garnered early Oscar buzz for Natalie Portman‘s performance as a troubled pop star.

Leading up to the Christmas holiday, “Aquaman” is expected to make a huge splash at North American box office after it debuted to an impressive $93.6 million in China. “Adding to the success of ‘Wonder Woman,’ this is a really solid performance and portends big numbers for North America in two weeks when it opens,” says Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for Comscore.

Dergarabedian adds, “That gives the film a lot of positive momentum. This is a movie, along with ‘Mary Poppins Returns‘ and ‘Bumblebee‘ and other movies, that’s going to give December that boost that a ‘Star Wars’ movie would give us.”

Top Ten Movies at Weekend Box Office for Dec.07-Dec. 09:

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The Stranger Things Season 3 Episode Titles Are Here


Just about one month after Stranger Things day, the hit Netflix series released the episode names for the upcoming third season.

The show’s official Twitter page posted a video just under a minute long that teased the new season with the words “In the summer of 1985, the adventure continues…” The music in the video is the same as that in the show’s opening sequence, as well as the slow reveal of the title letter by letter.

According to the video, the first episode is called “Suzie, Do You Copy?” The rest of the titles in order are “The Mall Rats,” “The Case of the Missing Lifeguard,” “The Sauna Test,” “The Source,” “The Birthday,” “The Bite” and “The Battle of Starcourt.”

Season 3 of Stranger Things will air on Netflix in 2019.

Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven, has hinted on social media that the show may end with this new season. Whether or not that’s the case, it looks like we’ll have to wait until 2019 to find out for sure.

Take a look at the gallery below for everything we know about Stranger Things Season 3.


A Long Wait

You won’t see Stranger Things season three until summer 2019.

“The Duffer brothers and [EP] Shawn Levy have worked really hard,” Netflix’s Cindy Holland told press. “They understand that the stakes are high, they want to deliver something bigger and better than what they did last year, so they really want to take the time to get it right.”

“It’s going to be a fantastic season,” she continued. “It’s gonna be worth the wait.”

Holland also said that “nothing has changed with respect to Stranger Things. It’s a fantastic season, there are more special effects and I think it’s gonna be a really exciting season, but it just takes a little more time.”


Style Evolution

“Eleven’s style has escalated,” Millie Bobby Brown told E! News, referring to the “bitchin'” makeover her character got at the end of season two. “It’s the summer of love, which means definitely more romance between our lovely couple ‘Meleven.'” By “Melevn” she means Mike and Eleven, naturally.


New Faces

Maya Hawke will play Robin, Steve’s coworker at the ice cream place in the new mall in Hawkins. In addition to Hawke, the cast of season three will also include Jake Busey as a journalist named Bruce, and The Princess Bride veteran Cary Elwes as Mayor Kline. The mayor is described as a politician who is more focused on his own image than serving the people of Hawkins.

The mall, specifically the ice cream show Scoops Ahoy, will play a big part in the series’ third season.

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Halfway There?

The Duffer Brothers are still waffling on exactly how long the series will go, but four seasons seems to be the idea so far.

“I think, you know, four to five seasons is likely where we’ll end up, but who knows?” Ross Duffer told us at the premiere. “I mean, none of this official, and we know where we want to go. We’re trying to figure out still how long it’ll take to get there, so we’ll see.”

Matt Duffer added, “It’s hard, like four seems short, five seems long. So I don’t know what to do.” 


Another Time-Jump

There will be a time jump for sure, the Duffer Brothers confirmed to us.

“We don’t know how long, but the kids are growing up,” Matt said. “But it’s good, it makes the story evolve.” Translation: expect about another year time-jump.



Welcome to High School!

Get ready for high school, nerds. Yep, the kids will be entering high school in season three, as Matt confirmed on Beyond Stranger Things. (“We will be needing new teachers!” director Shawn Levy said.)

And fans can look to the final scene, set at the Snow Ball, for clues as to what’s ahead for our group of kids, according to the show’s costume designer, Kim Wilcox, who said their outfits are signs of  who they “might be becoming” in future seasons. 

“It’s a bunch of kids who are just on the cusp of becoming adults, it’s their first time at a lot of these things,” she told us. “There’s a little bit of awkwardness, but it was really fun to see where each boy’s personality might take us in the fitting, see what was right for them.”

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Wanted: Eleven

Though she eventually saved the day, Eleven’s big hero moment in the finale may come back to haunt her…as she seriously pissed off that monster.

 “This thing is very aware of Eleven,” Ross said during Beyond Stranger Things. “I would be worried about Eleven. You slammed the door on him.” Millie Bobby Brown simply exclaimed, “I’m screwed!”

Aside from dealing with monsters and closing gates, Eleven will also be facing—gulp!—being a teenage girl. “It’s a little bit of a complicated dilemma with everyone wanting her to live a somewhat regular life,” Matt said. “She’s becoming a teenager with increasingly intense powers. I could see a lot of things going not so well.”


The Shadow Monster’s Goal

The Duffer Brothers are still keeping the big bad’s ultimate goal a secret, but Matt did tell Vulture, “It’s implied that it wants to take over Hawkins, and continue to spread beyond that. In that way, it’s very much like a virus that could take over the whole planet.”


More Numbers!

After meeting Kali (aka Eight), fans can expect to meet more of the children that were experimented on in future seasons. “I can’t imagine that the world will only ever know Eleven and Eight,” Levy told us at the premiere. “I think we’ve clearly implied there are other numbers.”

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More Billy!

Dacre Montgomery stole many scenes as Billy, Hawkins’ new resident bad boy and the show’s human villain. But he was actually supposed to have a “bigger role” in season two.

“We ended up having so many characters it ended up, in a way, more teed up for season three than anything,” Matt revealed to Vulture. “There was a whole teen supernatural story line that just got booted because it was just too cluttered, you know? A lot of that’s just getting kicked into season three.”

As for that now-iconic cookie moment with Mrs. Wheeler? Everyone is hoping for a hook-up in season three. “I feel like the word needs that,” Levy said during Beyond Stranger Things.

“I think it’d be hot…Ted is not satisfying her,” Matt said, with Ross adding, “She’s lonely, if you notice she always has a glass of wine!”


More Erica!

Speaking of scene-stealers, let’s all take a moment to bow down to Erica, Lucas’ sassy little sister, played to perfection by Priah Ferguson. Originally, she was only supposed to appear in one scene, but after filming it, the Duffers kept finding ways to add Erica. 

“There is no version of season three where Erica doesn’t have a majorly expanded role!” Matt told Vulture. “She’s got to. She’s too good.”


Jopper FTW?

Is that Joyce and Hopper’s ‘ship name? Anyway, their chemistry will continue to be on display in future seasons, after Bob’s (Sean Astin) death. “There’s definitely something there. Part of it is that they’re comfortable with each other and they’ve known each other for a long time,” Ross told Vulture. “In my mind, Hopper still has some growing to do before that can happen. But [the chemistry] is definitely there.”

And Jopper’s No. 1 stan is Hopper himself, with Matt saying, “David [Harbour] is really into the idea of a Joyce-Hopper relationship.”

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Love Triangle Continues

By the end of season two, Nancy seems to have chosen Jonathan over Steve, who became the world’s favorite babysitter. But judging from the lingering look Steve gives Nancy in the finale, the complicated romance situation between the three seems far from over.

“I don’t think it’s the end of the story,” Joe Kerry told us. “But I do think that the second season was a lot about him growing up and learning how to put people before him a little bit more. I don’t think it’s over… I think how they leave it is realistic.”

So will it continue beyond “the summer of 1985?”

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Elseworlds Part 1 Was Completely Hysterical

The CW

Never before did we realize how badly we needed some superheroes to swap…bodies? Minds? Identities? 

It’s sort of unclear so far what’s actually happening here or why or what other swap movie or show we (or any of the characters) can compare this to, but all we can say after seeing the first part of the latest Arrow/Flash/Supergirl crossover is that we’ve never laughed so hard. We’ve also perhaps never before geek-gasped as hard as we did when the camera panned over the actual Kent farm from Smallville while the actual Smallville theme song played. 

Did we even love Smallville as much as we felt like we did during that transition? We genuinely don’t remember, but regardless, that little nod was incredible. 

Anyway, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s break this whole thing down with the night’s best moments! 

The whole thing started with Oliver waking up in Barry and Iris’ bed and slowly realizing that he was now apparently Barry Allen, and even had Barry’s powers. Iris just thought he was acting weird because he was tired and not getting enough sleep because of Cicada, so he ran (literally) to find Oliver/the real Barry to help him sort it out. 

Team Flash, unfortunately, did not believe their story that Barry was Oliver and Oliver was Barry, and under Iris’ orders, Barry and Oliver got knocked out and locked in the pipeline together. Oliver taught Barry how to dislocate his thumb and Barry taught Oliver how to phase through solid objects, and together, they escaped the prison and ran off to the Kent farm (cue “Save Me” by Remy Zero) to get help from Kara, who happened to still recognize them for themselves. 

Kara was there hanging out with her cousin Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) and his girlfriend, Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch), and let’s be honest, Lois was the star of that whole scene, even as she was just watching Barry and Oliver teach each other how to use their abilities, mostly by shooting/making fun of each other. 

The CW

Then, Cisco and Caitlin showed up to give some bad news: there was a power-stealing robot on the loose in Central City, and they needed Barry and Oliver’s help, whichever Barry and Oliver they were. Supergirl and Superman came too, just for fun. 

With the new knowledge that Barry had to get angry to use Oliver’s abilities and Oliver had to smile, or something, to use Barry’s, they took down evil power-stealing robot and got a chance to find out that Cisco had a vision of a scene we saw at the beginning of the episode—the Monitor, giving Dr. John Deegan a fancy book and telling him to rewrite reality with it. After Barry and Oliver checked out the vision as well and Oliver used his Flash speed to draw the scene, they saw that they’d clearly have to go to Gotham City to find these dudes. And that’s where we now are going into tomorrow night’s episode of Arrow

A few other bits and pieces: 

A Pipeline Prison Mystery Solved

Everyone has always wondered at the apparent abuse going on of the meta prisoners held at STAR Labs in those incredibly bare cells, but tonight, we learned that a toilet can be found by kicking a random part of the wall. 

Clark and Lois on the Smallville Farm Is Our Aesthetic

Those cozy fall clothes, that farm, that playful and sweet relationship. It’s everything we’ve ever wanted and we’d like to move right on into that portion of this crossover. 

That West-Allen Moment

Executive producer Todd Helbing had promised us that the crossover would reaffirm Barry and Iris’ love, and boy did it ever. Iris only momentarily didn’t believe that her husband was her husband, but real Barry knew exactly what to say to convince her he was telling her the truth. And let’s not forget Barry’s instant and absolute panic when he discovered that Oliver had woken up in a bed with Iris (especially since Iris has, in the past, said she’s attracted to Oliver Queen). 

The CW

So what comes next? 

We’re forbidden from telling you, but let’s just say that a lot is about to happen. Oliver and Felicity will get just about as much time as Barry and Iris did, but we’ll also see Gotham City and Batwoman and get a little idea of what that world is like. There are some fights, some serious superhero easter eggs, some more incredible Barry and Oliver swap moments, and some things that made us both cackle and wonder, “WTF?” 

Stay tuned after tomorrow night’s portion to hear some behind-the-scenes bits and pieces from the executive producers! 

Elseworlds continues Monday at 8 p.m. with Arrow, then concludes with Supergirl on Tuesday at 8 p.m. on the CW. 

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Holly Willoughby won't be returning to This Morning until 2019 after I'm A Celebrity stint

The TV star will be taking a break until the new year following her stint co-hosting I'm A Celebrity.

For the past few weeks, the 37-year-old mum-of-three has been filling in for Ant McPartlin and presenting from the jungle with Dec Donnelly.

But while the grand final was tonight, Holly won't be heading back to her day job anytime soon.

Her This Morning co-presenter Phillip Schofield confirmed that she was taking a break, with their first job together Dancing On Ice in January.

He wrote on social media: "Nope, she can’t get back in time, the first time we’re on telly together is @dancingonice in the new year."

It comes as Holly said her I’m A Celebrity stint had been “magical” as she sat down for her final interview with Declan Donnelly.

She thanked her co-stars for helping making her experience of being Down Under so special after crowning Harry Redknapp King of the jungle.

She joined the show this year after Ant McPartlin took an extended break from the spotlight.

The star became an instant hit with fans, with many begging her to return next year.

However it's believed this will be the final time Holly presents the show, as Ant is expected to return next year.

After the show ended, Holly opened up about how she’d found her experience of the show.

She explained: “It’s been everything and more!

“I’m so glad I had this experience without having to eat anything.

“There is nothing like this place. It is so magical.”

Viewers at home praised her “hilarious” chemistry with Dec, with one tweeting: “Holly has done a stellar job alongside Dec!”

Another commented: “Well that's it for another year but I've enjoyed watching @hollywills with @antanddec Dec she has been amazing and she is such a lovely woman. You have been incredible Holly!”

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Jodie Whittaker Confirms Return For ‘Doctor Who’ Season 12

Jodie Whittaker will return for another season.

Jodie Whittaker made history when she became the very first female to slip into the role of the Time Lord. While Doctor Who fans everywhere knew the series was returning for Season 12, it had yet to be confirmed by the BBC network whether Jodie would return to play Doctor Who for another season.

Per Doctor Who history, actors typically have several stints as the Time Lord before the position is recast to someone new. This is with the exception of Christopher Eccleston who was only Doctor Who for a single season. While there was always a chance Jodie would only stick around for a single season, she recently confirmed that would not be the case.

Speaking exclusively with the Hollywood Reporter, Whittaker confirmed her plans to return as Doctor Who for Season 12. According to the actress, she just isn’t ready to hand over the position to someone else.

“I really can’t wait to step back in and get to work again. It’s such an incredible role. It’s been an extraordinary journey so far and I’m not quite ready to hand it over yet,” Whittaker revealed.

The unveiling of Jodie Whittaker as the very first female to take on the role of the Time Lord was earth-shattering news in the Doctor Who universe. It, however, was largely well-received with a great deal of praise from the fan base.

Despite the show having a 55-year history with only males playing the role of Doctor Who, Jodie had no trouble successfully stepping into the shoes of the Time Lord. Per the Hollywood Reporter, Whittaker has also been largely well-received by critics of the series.

The first episode of season 11 featuring Jodie as the next Time Lord, titled “The Woman Who Fell to Earth,” snagged a rating just shy of 11 million among U.K. viewers.

As Doctor Who fans know, the final episode of Season 11 aired this week. In addition to being the first season to ever feature a female doctor, this will also be the first season in the history of the show to lack a Christmas Special.

Notably, Doctor Who fans did not respond nearly as well to the lack of a Christmas special as they did to the news of a female doctor. There is, however, a New Year’s Day special scheduled to ease the sting of not having a Christmas special.

Production of Doctor Who Season 12 is expected to kick off during the earlier portion of 2019.

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Doctor Who Season 11 Finale Recap: Can't Find a Better Man

Fall behind? Read our previous Doctor Who recap here.

Jodie Whittaker’s first season as the Doctor came to an end just as it began, with TEAM Tardis taking on Tim Shaw — or, rather, Tzim-Sha, as it was spelled differently in the finale credits. It was satisfying to see the season’s best and most intimidating villain return, hell bent on revenge. But he wasn’t the only one with that particular mission: Would Graham kill Tzim-Shaw if he got the chance to avenge Grace’s death? Let’s recap.

‘WE’RE GONNA RESCUE HOSTAGES, ANYTHING THAT COMPROMISES THEM IS DANGEROUS’ The hour, “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos” written by showrunner Chris Chibnall, began with a flashback to when Tzim-Shaw landed on the planet Ranskoor Av Kolos rather than his home Stenza planet after his first tussle with the Doctor. Over 3,400 years later, the TARDIS received nine distress signals from that planet, whose name translates roughly to Disintegrator of the Soul. The spaceship the TARDIS landed in was abandoned, save the commander, Paltraki (Mark Addy), who couldn’t even remember his own name until the Doc gave him a neurobalancer like the one she, Graham, Yaz, and Ryan donned to combat the mind-altering waves the planet exposed them to. 

Paltraki received a video call from Andinio (played by Downton Abbey‘s Phyllis Logan) and “the creator,” aka Tzim-Shaw, demanding he return a large mineral-looking object he’d taken if he ever hoped to see his three-person crew alive again. Correction, just two of them remained. To figure out what the object was, and why it was so valuable to Tzim-Shaw, the team went on a walk with Paltraki to retrace his steps and mount a rescue. 

Graham pulled the Doctor aside to inform her that he was going to kill Tzim-Shaw. The Doctor told him he was better than that; he’d be just like Tzim-Shaw then, and he could no longer travel with her. He didn’t care. It was a cold Graham we hadn’t seen before. As they rejoined the group, the Doctor prepared the team to enter Tzim-Shaw’s giant floating shrine — with grenades and a bomb courtesy of Paltraki’s ship. Her rules change all the time, she told Ryan when he questioned her sudden support of weapons. If it can be rebuilt, she’ll allow it to be destroyed. 

‘BRING HER TO ME’ | As always, the team divided up. Graham and Ryan were tasked with finding the missing crew, but first they had to argue over whether Grace would want Graham to kill Tzim-Shaw (Ryan thought not since it meant breaking up the team). They were cornered by armed robots on both sides. Ryan and Graham simply ducked when they began to fire, so the robots took each other out. Clever, yes, but nothing we haven’t seen before.

The Doctor, meanwhile, was on the hunt for Tzim-Shaw but instead came face-to-face with the armed Andinio of the Ux. The Doctor had never met one of the faith-driven dimensional engineers before, but she knew there were only two of them at any given time, found only on three planets in the whole universe. Andinio explained all the fallen ships Team TARDIS had encountered outside: the ships had come for the creator and the Ux defended him. What Andinio couldn’t answer for herself, though: Why did the creator recognize the Doctor and ask to see her?

‘READY HIM, THERE WILL BE A NEW TARGET’ Tzim-Shaw was happy to lay it all out for the Doctor. He’d ended up on this planet and Andinio and her fellow Ux, Delph, had worshipped him as their never-before-seen god. They used their power to help keep him alive and do all his bidding, believing it was not their place to question the creator. He abused their blind trust and combined his Stenza tech know-how with all their juice to not only hold people in stasis as trophies, but also whole civilizations. Paltraki and Yaz had discovered four more objects like the one they’d found on Paltraki’s ship — inside each was a planet that Tzim-Shaw had used Delph and Andinio to miniaturize and encase. That had been why Paltraki’s crew was sent to Ranskoor Av Kolos, along with others whom Graham and Ryan found floating in large single pods. Tzim-Shaw gave Andinio and Delph the order to target Earth next. He wanted to hit the Doctor where he knew it’d hurt her most. 

‘YIPPEE KI YAY, ROBOTS’ | Graham and Ryan had 30 people to free with two slow code-breaking devices, but all Graham really wanted was an excuse to leave so he could go try to find Tzim-Shaw. Ryan saw through it and reminded him that they’re family now — he even told him he loved him — and that Gran had always told Ryan he had to be the better man when he was angry. Graham pretended the talk worked, and the two of them started opening the chambers, which sent off an alarm for Tzim-Shaw. He unplugged himself from whatever equipment was attached to him (he needed help breathing, or did he just need a full charge?) and marched off to find them. 

The armed robots reached Graham, Ryan and those they’d rescued first, but Paltraki got his hero moment and took care of them. Ryan left to help lead people out to Paltraki’s ship while Graham stayed behind so he could quote Die Hard‘s John McLane and use explosives on the next group of robots. Graham got a surprise when Tzim-Shaw walked through the blown door. Graham pointed a weapon at him, but he ultimately couldn’t take the shot. He wasn’t a warrior; he was the better man. Still, when Ryan returned to check on Graham and Tzim-Shaw threatened his grandson, Graham got to shoot him in the foot to shut him up. The men bumped fists, then realized they had no idea what to do now. The answer: they sentenced him to life in one of his stasis chambers. “As you are contemplating eternity, keep one name on your mind: Grace,” they told him. Well done, gentlemen. 

‘COME ON, FAM’ | Of course, we haven’t gotten to how the Doctor literally saved the world. She and Yaz took off their neurobalancers and put them on Andinio and Delph so they could talk sense into them and prove Tzim-Shaw was a false god. The five planets were beginning to crack their containers, so they had to get them back to their places in the universe quickly. The Doctor summoned the TARDIS and it helped the Ux deliver them safely with its telepathic circuits. Never underestimate the TARDIS (as the Doc said, referencing feats from previous seasons, “I once towed your planet halfway across the universe with this TARDIS, and turned a Slitheen back into an egg”).

Graham and Ryan finally rejoined the group, and Graham told the Doc he’d had his chance with Tzim-Shaw but he was “too weak.”

“Graham O’Brien, you’re the strongest person I know… Well, one of the few,” she said.

As fitting as it was that the season’s arc built to that moment, it wasn’t the Doctor’s final line. At Delph’s urging, he and Andinio were now going to do some traveling so they could understand what was out there and find another home.  

“None of us know for sure what’s out there. That’s why we keep lookin’,” the Doctor told them. “Keep your faith. Travel hopefully. The universe with surprise ya. Constantly.”

And then she joined her “fam” inside the TARDIS.

What did you think of “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos”? Did it pack the emotional punch you expect from a Doctor Who season finale? Do you think that shrine will be able to hold Tzim-Sha, or will we see him again? And how excited are you for Whittaker’s Doctor to return in 2020? Hit the comments, and we’ll do it again for the New Year’s Day special. 

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WWE News: Big Cass suffers a seizure at an indie show during autograph signing

Former WWE superstar Big Cass has been trying to get his professional wrestling career started again since the WWE released him.

Photos from recent events show that Big Cass has gained a lot of weight since his WWE release, but he has been working anyway and had a role at the House of Hardcore show on Saturday night.

Big Cass suffers a seizure

However, while in the lobby doing an autograph signing, Big Cass reportedly fell to his face and suffered what Tommy Dreamer referred to as a seizure.

David Onda of Fightful was at the show and witnessed the entire incident as it went down, keeping fans updated on Twitter.

According to Onda, Big Cass was signing autographs and posing for photos at the intermission of the show when he collapsed face first into the ground.

Tommy Dreamer, who runs House of Hardcore, and Bubba Ray Dudley were there by his side after he fell.

Onda said that Big Cass was awake and his eyes were open and he seemed to be communicating with those around him. An ambulance shortly arrived and took him to a local hospital.

Tommy Dreamer came out and addressed the crowd, telling them that Big Cass suffered a seizure and emphasizing that it was “not drug-related.”

— David Onda (@David_Onda) December 9, 2018

Update on Big Cass injury

PWInsider ran an update reporting that Big Cass was taken to the hospital and that he was coherent and speaking before the ambulance took him.

They also emphasized for people who are never sure what is real and what is not in wrestling that this was not a work or part of the show. Big Cass suffered a legitimate seizure and is currently in the hospital.

Big Cass was supposed to work an angle with Joey Ryan but former ECW star Blue Meanie replaced him at the event.

— Bill Pritchard (@bpritchard152) December 9, 2018

Enzo Amore, the former tag team partner of Big Cass in the WWE sent his prayers via Twitter as well.

Tommy Dreamer sent an update on Sunday afternoon that let fans know that he had spoken to him and that Big Cass was doing well since the incident.

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I'm A Celebrity's John Barrowman breaks down in tears as he finishes third place in jungle final

The actor became emotional as he was greeted by hosts Holly Willoughby and Dec Donnelly during the grand final tonight.

After being greeted by the presenters on his exit from the jungle, the 51-year-old star began tearing up.

He apologised to Holly and Dec as he tried to dry his eyes.

Speaking about his experience on the show, he said: "It was one of the top five things I've ever done in my career.

John continued: "It was harder than I ever thought."

The star also admitted: "I hit a wall at four days.

"It was one of the toughest things. It's the best experience but the toughest experience."

After Holly and Dec called out his name, John bid farewell to the remaining contestants Emily Atack and Harry Redknapp.

He was then seen walking across the bridge as he exited camp.

John kept fans entertained this year with his outrageous antics and won them over with his bravery as he returned to the camp despite injuring his ankle.

The entertainer took a nasty tumble and sprained his ankle as he walked down some steps in the dark.

He was rushed to hospital and kept out of the camp for a night while medics assessed his condition.

However, John was back the following morning and he declared that he chose to return as there was no chance of him quitting.

He told the other campmates: "I went to the hospital, it’s a bad sprain the whole side of my left ankle is swollen.

"There are things I can’t do, I can’t go down stairs but they’ve told me to walk on it as much as I can because the more I can walk on it the better it will get."

He was given a medical boot and a cane to walk with, and managed to continue taking on trials.

John even took part in the Celebrity Cyclone task, which was altered at the last minute to allow him to compete without putting his injured ankle at risk.

His close friendship with actress Emily Atack won over many viewers and the pair have now been tipped to land their own reality show.

This year's show has been a huge success as it brought in the highest ratings in five years, smashing the 12 million mark for the first time since 2013.

It marked the debut of presenter Holly Willoughby, 37, who has been standing in for Ant McPartlin, 43, while he takes some time out of the spotlight to focus on his personal problems.

Holly easily won over viewers and fans have loved the hilarious banter between her and co-host Declan Donnelly during the run.

She even took on one of the challenges as she joined the Extra Camp version of Celebrity Cyclone last night.

The This Morning star was seen screaming as she battled a water cannon, wind machines and bouncing balls to help the team to victory.

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