This Advent Calendar Contains 19 Bath Bombs — and It's Only $20

This Advent Calendar Contains 19 Bath Bombs — and It’s Only $20

These last 11 months have been exhausting (and the stress of the holidays is not helping), but Walmart has come to the rescue with its fizzy salts and relaxing bath bombs. This month, the mega retailer started carrying an Advent calendar of 25 bath products. Behind the doors of the Onyx Bathhouse 25 Days of Bath Bliss Gift Set ($20) you’ll find 19 (yes, 1-9) bath bombs, two pouches of bath powders, two shower gels, bath salts, and bath confetti. It is a set that will make the jaws of even the most dedicated bath-lovers drop.

The Advent calendar is available in stores and online now, and while we may already be a few days into Advent this year, that just means you have to open a few more doors when you first get it. Who wouldn’t love that?

Check out more photos of the set, ahead.

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The ’00s Called to Let You Know That French Nails Are Back in Style

The ’00s Called to Let You Know That French Nails Are Back in Style

Bon Qui Qui had her nail art, but suburban housewives? They had the French manicure. Back in the early aughts, everyone who was anyone walked around with white-tipped nails — acrylics optional, but not required — until all of a sudden. . . they didn’t. A few years later and the look was all but swept under the rug, dismissed for the next decade by many as “too cheesy.”

Then suddenly, inexplicably, French nails traveled in time to 2018, showing up in blockbuster movies, red carpets, and even music videos. (Ocean’s 8 and “Thank U, Next,” anyone?) “Fashion has taken a ’90s turn from influence, so of course the trends have returned from that era,” said Elle, celebrity nail artist for LeChat. “I’m enjoying the new modern twists, maybe because it comes from my era. But how you approach the modern take is vital; the nail shape should be a ballerina, not a square.”

Unsure how to do it yourself? Follow the lead of Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian West, and more ahead. But remember: “If it’s not done right, it will become ‘basic,'” Elle said, which — to steal a phrase from one particular country — is the opposite of trés chic.

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What You Need to Know Before Trying CrossFit

Hate it or love it, people have strong opinions about CrossFit.

Devotees tout it as the best way to transform your body, while critics say there’s no surer way to end up injured. Either way, there’s no denying that CrossFit has become a major fitness movement: there are more than 13,000 CrossFit gyms, known as boxes, around the world.

With all the claims about CrossFit, it can be hard for curious newbies to know what to expect for their first visit to a box. We spoke to a few experts to determine exactly what you should know before starting CrossFit to separate the bluster (from both sides) and the real truth.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit borrows movements from a variety of sports including, gymnastics, weightlifting, powerlifting, and rowing. It was created by former gymnast Greg Glassman to maximize the amount of work performed in the shortest amount of time, according to the official CrossFit website, which serves as the activity’s governing and branding entity.

Getty ImagesHinterhaus Productions

The goal of CrossFit is to boost your fitness and help you move better, whether it’s during a hockey game or hoisting heavy bags at the grocery store. This is achieved by performing a bunch of functional movements at high intensity, says Ian Creighton, General Manager and Coach at BRICK New York.

What Do You Do in a CrossFit Class?

Typically, each class is broken up into three parts: the warmup, skill or strength component, then the workout of the day, or WOD.

The warmup is tailored to the skill or strength component, so you’re prepped for what comes next. Skilled workouts are designed improve your ability to do certain exercises, like the jumprope double-under, while Strength workouts aim to make you well, stronger.

Getty ImagesJakob Helbig

The final part of the class is the WOD, which asks you to perform a specific set of exercises in a given amount of time or rep scheme. WODs are usually total body workouts that range from 8 to 16 minutes, but can be as short as three, Creighton explains.

“A three-minute workout sounds silly, but when you put the intensity at 95 percent, you’re going to be recovering for an hour after that,” he says.

Many gyms create their own WODs, but CrossFit does have a slew of benchmark workouts named after women; Fran is one popular one, which consists of thrusters and pullups. There are also Hero WODs named after fallen service men and women.

What You Should Keep in Mind Before Starting CrossFit

When you start going to a well-established box, it might not be uncommon to see others performing feats like cleaning 300 pounds. You might be tempted to attempt to do the same. Don’t.

“People come in and they’re competitive,” says Creighton. “They want to do what everyone else is doing. That’s the wrong way to approach CrossFit.”

Getty ImagesPekic

Mathew Forzaglia, a personal trainer and CrossFit coach in New York City, agrees with Creighton, saying you should start by lifting with an empty barbell until you understand the movements.

“You can’t jump to the final result without doing the first step,” he explains.

Managing your expectations of what you will and won’t get out of CrossFit is especially important. Since the workout isn’t specialized, don’t expect to become a master Olympic lifter. Instead, you’ll likely improve your overall fitness level, says Forzaglia.

“To be good at CrossFit, you must be good at a bunch of things,” he says.

Is CrossFit Actually Dangerous?

As with any form of exercise, this cult favorite comes with risk. However, reports about the dangers of CrossFit may be overhyped, according to a December 2018 study.

Published in the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers at Kennesaw State University concluded that CrossFit is fairly safe compared to other types of training. After analyzing 3,000 survey responses of CrossFit participants, they found that people who are new to CrossFit or train less than three days a week are more likely to get injured. This is likely because these groups are unfamiliar with the movements.

Getty Imagesskynesher

“This study indicates that injuries among CrossFit participants may not be as high as previously suggested in some media reports,” study co-author Yuri Feito said in a statement. “CrossFit training has been scrutinized because of a supposed high incidence of injuries, but our data does not seem to support that it might be any more ‘extreme’ or dangerous than other exercise training programs.”

A 2014 study published in Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine Research found that people with hands-on coaches who help them through the movements have fewer injuries, which is why Creighton stresses finding a gym that priorities safety.

“You need coaching where the coaches are focused first and foremost on safety and movement quality,” he says. “That’s the most important thing.”

Rhabdomyolysis, a condition that causes muscle tissue to break down and release kidney-damaging waste into the bloodstream, has been linked to CrossFit. However, pushing yourself too hard in any workout can cause the problem.

How Do You Find a Good CrossFit Gym?

Gyms usually offer free introductory classes, which you should hit up to feel the place out. Then, ask other members about their experiences and whether they’ve been injured, advises Creighton. You should also pay particular attention to the coach’s leadership skills.

Getty ImagesHero Images

“If there’s no structure to the class and it’s disorderly, then that’s a safety problem,” he says. “That’s a red flag.”

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, either. “If someone makes you do something, ask them why,” Forzaglia recommends. You want to be sure your coach has a solid understanding of the movements and isn’t just arbitrarily doling out tips. Another warning sign: if coaches pay more attention to their phones than their class. Thruster videos might be cool to watch on Instagram, but getting hurt because of an instructor’s negligence is definitely not.

What Do You Need for CrossFit?

Boxes will have almost all the heavy duty equipment you need, like plyometric boxes, weights, and barbells, but Creighton recommends investing in one key item: a quality jump rope.

Although gyms typically have jump ropes available, Creighton says they’re often not durable or meant to be shared by many people. People often shorten long ropes by tying them, which can hinder the integrity of the equipment. RPM is a high-quality jump rope that many of Creighton’s clients prefer, and is a good choice if you want to nail those double-unders.

Creighton also recommends that you wear a flat cross-training shoe that’s suited for the variety of movements you’ll encounter. Just keep your road shoes out of the box. You might run short distances for your WOD, but the cushioned, high-drop design of most runners is terrible for the explosive lifts you’ll be performing.

Is CrossFit Right For You?

So, how do you know whether it’s worth adding CrossFit to your routine? That depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

“CrossFit is a great generalized workout for the masses,” says Forzaglia. “When it comes to a specific, focused goal, I think CrossFit isn’t the answer.”

If want bigger biceps or to lose 10 pounds for your wedding, Forzaglia says it’s best to work with a personal trainer who can help figure out a plan to do just that.

Getty Imagessvetikd

Although strength training newbies are often drawn to the small, communal atmosphere at CrossFit gyms, Men’s Health Fitness Director Ebeneezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., says the activity is probably best for those who are already comfortable with lifting.

“They’ll ask you to clean and squat and snatch in CrossFit, so if you can’t adequately do those things, how much can you get out of it?,” Samuel says. He recommends going to introductory classes until you’re more familiar with the movements.

But the only way to know if you’ll enjoy CrossFit is to try it out for yourself. “Go in there and have an open mind,” says Forzaglia. “It’s just another workout.”

Beginner-friendly WODs

Ready to get started? Here are four beginner-friendly benchmark WODs to give you an idea of a typical workout.


Complete as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes:


Five rounds for time:


Three rounds of 21-15- and 9 reps, for time:


For time:

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7 Glitter Hair Looks That Are Perfect For the Holidays — and So Easy to Do

7 Glitter Hair Looks That Are Perfect For the Holidays — and So Easy to Do

Sometimes, clingy can be a good thing. Glitter, with its lasting tenacity, is actually the easiest way to make a hairstyle shine all night. Whether you throw your hair up into braids or have it down in cascading waves, dousing yourself in shimmer is a surefire way to make the look more festive.

While it can be frustrating to see glitter hair inspo pics that look impossible to recreate, there are new formulas on the market — like the R and Co Smoothing Shine Spray ($29) and IGK Preparty Hair Strobing Glitter Spray ($16) — that make application seamless. With the below glitter hair looks, you can take glimmering hairstyle to your next holiday party. Shine on.

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South Korea is obsessed with beauty. Some women want to change that

Kim Ji-yeon knew she wanted plastic surgery when she was seven. For the next 13 years, she destroyed photos of herself until her parents paid for double jaw surgery, a procedure that requires breaking the jaw to realign it.

Then Kim started to question why she devoted so much — $US200 ($277) a month and two hours a day, she calculated — to her appearance. She cut her hair short. Then she crushed her makeup into pieces.

Kim, 22, is one of a growing group of South Korean women rebelling against their society's rigid beauty standards — a push they call "Escape the Corset". Inspired in part by the global #MeToo movement, which has shaken up politics and society in South Korea's deeply patriarchal culture, the women are challenging long-accepted attitudes about plastic surgery and cosmetics in one of the world's most beauty-obsessed capitals.

"Misogyny is more extreme in South Korea, and the beauty industry has made it worse," Kim said.

Beauty is big in South Korea. It has the world's highest rate of cosmetic surgery per capita, and it keeps rising. It has become a destination for nip-and-tuck tourism. The beauty market — cosmetics and facial care products like masks — generated $US13 billion ($18 billion) in sales last year, according to Mintel, making it one of the world's top 10 beauty markets.

While men are an increasing part of the market, the beauty pressure is aimed mostly at women. K-pop stars who often get extensive cosmetic surgery are held up as the standard. YouTube celebrities with millions of followers offer elaborate tutorials on how to apply makeup. Women are bombarded with ads across buses, in subways and on TV.

"Born pretty?" reads one in the Seoul subway. "That's a big fat lie."

"We go through 12 steps just to put on the basic products before we even apply makeup," Kim said. "That basically defines the problem."

Women are now pushing back. This summer, tens of thousands gathered to protest against sexual assault, the proliferation of spy cameras taking voyeuristic videos of women and the harsher standards they face in other aspects of society, from beauty to the law.

Bae Eun-jeong, known as Lina Bae, was a YouTube star who gave beauty tutorials. After hearing about the anti-corset movement earlier this year, Bae, 21, took a closer look at the comments on her YouTube channel. Many were from young girls who said makeup gave them the courage to go to school.

"I realised there was something very wrong," Bae said. "I wanted to do a new kind of video to tell them that it's okay not to make yourself up."

In June, Bae uploaded a video in which she goes through the laborious process of applying creams, foundation, eyeliner and fake eyelashes. A series of simulated messages like those she has received in the past scroll across the screen. One says: "Your eyes are freaking uneven." Another one: "I would kill myself if I were you."

Then she takes off all the makeup and tells the viewer, "Don't be so concerned with how others perceive you. You're special and pretty the way you are."

The video has been watched 5.5 million times. Bae's YouTube followers jumped to nearly 147,000 from 20,000. A publisher asked her to write a book. She has since cut her hair short and stopped wearing makeup, saving nearly $US500 ($690) a month. Now her videos focus on cooking and sharing ideas.

Cha Ji-won, a video content creator at an urban renewal company, joined the movement earlier this year and created her own YouTube channel, which now has 30,000 followers. Cha, 22, once thought that spending as much as $700 ($970) on makeup each month was not enough. Now she has turned her makeup into slime to play with.

"They are sort of like toys, like crayons," said Cha. She used to feel like a second-class citizen, she said, but now that she has stopped wearing makeup "people listen to me when I say things".

The movement has sparked an ugly backlash.

Bae, Kim and Cha, who all have bowl haircuts characteristic of the movement, say they have become targets of verbal abuse and death threats. Kim was told by two prospective bosses that she did not look feminine enough. Feminists talk about their peers "coming out" publicly because many prefer to stay anonymous.

"The violence against people who leave the mainstream path is very intense in South Korea compared to other countries," said Seo Sol, 26, who has a YouTube talk show about feminism called Because There Is Too Much to Say.

Yim Hyun-ju has experienced the criticism. The 33-year-old anchor at Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, a national broadcaster, decided to wear her glasses on her morning news show on April 12. Her fake eyelashes were making her eyes so tired that she was going through a bottle of artificial tears every day.

It became an online sensation. "I did not think it would become news," Yim said.

Yim's producers reproached her. Viewers wrote to complain. But women came up to her in public to thank her. Now Yim wears her glasses from time to time, an act that she says sends viewers a message to judge her based on her competence and not her appearance. But she doesn't want to be identified as part of any movement.

"If I could act freely, I would apply makeup less," Yim said.

"But I'm stuck between my mind and heart, which says one thing, but there is the reality of my job," she added.

Many women in the anti-corset movement credit their actions as having had a small impact on the makeup industry. One recent ad, for the Missha cosmetics brand, features a short-haired model and one with freckles. "Get out, expose your flaws and follow your own standards rather than others'," it says. Still, they note, the women in the ad largely stick to Korean beauty standards — and the women are wearing makeup.

Kim Hong-tae, a spokesman for Able C&C, which owns the Missha brand, said the ad was meant to convey "that there is no predetermined standard of physical appearance".

And the social pressure to wear makeup and have a small, heart-shaped face is still strong. Im Soo-hyang stars in a Korean drama called My ID is Gangnam Beauty, about a young woman who has plastic surgery and grapples with image issues. The name refers to the upscale Gangnam district in Seoul, where plastic surgery clinics line the streets.

"I can't say I'm free from being conscious about people paying attention to me because of the nature of my job," Im said during an interview at a hair salon in Gangnam. "Look at me. I have my hair done, I'm wearing makeup, I have my nails done and I'm wearing pretty clothes."

She smiled, then added, "I cannot be liberated."

New York Times

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ColourPop Just Released a Makeup Vault So Big, You'll Never Need to Buy Eye Shadow Again

ColourPop Just Released a Makeup Vault So Big, You’ll Never Need to Buy Eye Shadow Again

In my humble beauty-editor opinion, there are few cosmetics products on the market as fun as ColourPop’s Super Shock Shadows. They are squishy, colorful, and always statement-making. One thing that might top it, however, is a vault with 25 never-before-released shades, all in a pretty pink box.

This holiday season, the buzzy brand is offering the Is This Real Life? Super Shock Shadow Vault ($99) that features so many new shades, you’ll never run out of looks to try. It includes five tie-dye shadows, five split-pan duos, and 10 shadows stamped with adorable symbols like a rainbow, a star, and a lip.

While this vault would make an excellent gift, we’re guessing you’ll want to keep this one all to yourself.

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The Best, Expert-Approved Bob Haircut for Every Head Shape

One of the simplest yet equally nerve-wracking experiences someone can subject themselves to is a haircut. Because, while a dramatic big chop may be tame for some, cutting even 1 or 2 inches of dead ends could be terrifying to another. Sure, making the appointment is easy enough, but how about finding someone you can actually trust with your tresses at a price that won’t require you emptying your savings account?

And what about the process of after-care? Beyond extending that salon-fresh aura days or even weeks after the deed is done, there’s also putting together a regimen that’ll not only mesh with your texture and keep it healthy, but motivate you to constantly freshen up your new look too. Seriously, it can be enough to send anyone running in the opposite direction if they haven’t already taken the plunge. Plus, if you thought the process got any easier with a look as classic as the bob, think again.

From the moment pros dubbed a long version of it the “lob,” we knew it was just the beginning of an entirely new set of styles we would need to get familiar with. Beyond the length, which is typically ear- or shoulder-long, there’s also the addition of layers and color. More often than not, the No. 1 question anyone asks before taking on this style is, “Which version goes best with my head shape?”

After all, what looks good on someone with a square jawline may not be the most flattering for someone with a more oval-shaped one. And because we would never want to steer you in the wrong direction, we’ve got a quick and easy primer from Michael Dueñas, Garnier consulting celebrity hairstylist. Ahead, he breaks down a foolproof guide for knowing which kind of bob haircut you should be aiming for.

For heart-shaped heads

If your chin is more pointed with a wider cheek and more prominent forehead, Dueñas says a chin-length bob is fantastic, especially if it is one length. “This will give your jawline definition and your cheekbones will pop,” he says.

For square-shaped heads

When your jawline is more defined, go past it. Ideally, a longer lob is your best bet. “Keep your ends textured and soft,” says Dueñas. “Blunt lines will accentuate the squareness of your jaw.”

For oval-shaped heads

Though this is probably the most versatile shape, allowing for various lengths and styles, Dueñas’ favorite look on this head shape is a lob cut into a modern shag.

For round-shaped heads

A lob (aka longer bob) also suits this head shape, though Dueñas recommends adding in layers too.

“You want to collapse the weight in the hair to keep the volume low on the sides,” he says. “This will help slim your cheeks and bring down the roundness in your face.”


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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9 Perfectly Giftable Beauty Products That Are on Sale Right Now

Drybar Buttercup & Belles Kit

Shopping for the holidays can sometimes seem like an endless drain of your bank account. You don’t want to leave anyone out, but it’s important to budget accordingly. In an effort to cross everyone off your list, start by snagging some of these beauty gifts while they’re on sale.

From hair and makeup sets to luxurious bubble bath products, there are presents any beauty fanatic will love — all offered at a discount. See our gift picks ahead, and good luck shopping.

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This Incline Press Challenge Rocks Your Chest and Core

You’re not always going to be able to spend untold hours in the gym. Whether you’re running low on equipment, time, or motivation, there are some days when you’re going to have to adjust your routine.

On those occasions, you can tailor normal exercises to serve your particular goals — in this instance, getting as much work done in as little time as possible. Men’s Health Fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. uses this incline chest press challenge to maximize his chest days when he’s in a rush. “If you have time for only one weighted chest exercise, this is the move you should be doing,” Samuel says.

You’ll challenge you chest, shoulders, and core in one go, giving you the biggest possible bang for your workout buck.

To perform the challenge, you’ll need dumbbells and an adjustable or incline bench, so this is probably best for the gym. You should be pressing heavy weight here, but not so much that your can’t support the dumbbell hold portion of the movement.

Eric Rosati/Men’s Health

  • Sit on the incline bench with the dumbbells raised to be pressed.
  • Press the weight up with both arms overhead. Perform 2 more reps with the left arm, while keeping the right arm extended overhead.
  • Repeat with 2 reps with the right arm, keeping the left arm elevated overhead.
  • Perform 2 reps with both arms. That’s 1 cluster.

    Do 4 sets of 3 to 4 clusters to finish the challenge.

    This is such a useful exercise because it allows you to narrow in on each side of your body, while also keeping you balanced. “We’re blending unilateral reps with traditional reps here,” Samuel says. “The sequence will challenge both core and shoulder stability while also giving you the benefit that comes from moving heavy loads and working your entire body as hard as possible.”

    The single-arm reps shake up the typical incline press by forcing you off-balance. To compensate, your body will try to rotate to push the weight upward. Don’t let it, and your abs will thank you.

    “The blend of moves keeps your body off-balance for the entire set, forcing your core in particular to continually adapt to changing situations,” says Samuel. “On the traditional reps, your core can ‘relax’ somewhat, although it needs to stay strong to help you transfer force from your legs to drive the weight upwards.”

    For more tips and routines from Samuel, check out our full set of Eb and Swole workouts.

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    How to Transform Your Skin to Be Its Best and Brightest

    Get your glow on! We’ve partnered with SK-II to reveal why an essence, the star of Asian beauty, is the best skin care product to single-handedly transform your skin — for the brighter and better.

    Everything we know about skin care is rooted in the same problem-vs.-solution approach. Experiencing a breakout? Use this spot treatment. Struggling with dryness? Invest in that moisturizer. Trying to correct morning dullness? Consider an overnight serum your secret weapon. Although this method can sometimes yield direct results, it can also leave you with an overcluttered beauty cabinet and deflated bank account.

    But here’s an idea: What if we told you that you were approaching skin care all wrong? It’s not about creating a cocktail of products to tackle individual skin concerns. It’s about discovering a category of products that holistically transforms skin and enhances your natural look. Here in the beauty industry, that’s called an essence.

    Equivalent to the skin care world’s very own unicorn, an essence is the one product (not three or five or seven!) that can turn your skin into the absolute best version of itself. One of the biggest ways it does that? By amplifying brightness and overall radiance — an especially notable benefit given our growing obsession with glowy skin. With a better, brighter complexion, you’ll forget you even had a laundry list of skin concerns in the first place.

    If you need help discovering the MVP of the essence category, just look to your local glow goddesses — starting with your favorite influencers, celebrity makeup artists, or even POPSUGAR’s very own beauty editors. They all consider the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence a “holy grail” skincare staple and the best brightening product in the game. Read on to see why.

    Why Brightness Is a Big Deal

    We’ll say it again for the people in the back: bright skin is the best skin. Why? Because a bright and radiant appearance is the hallmark of healthy skin. When you have that, your entire vibe will change and your appearance will thrive; you can wear less makeup, pare down your skin care routine, and walk out the door feeling confident every day. Of course, we can’t forget that diet and hydration play a significant role in the appearance of your skin, too. But adding in the right skin care product makes for the ultimate glow-boosting trifecta.

    If you’re up to date on all that’s new and now in makeup, you may have noticed an influx in the number of radiant highlighters, luminescent foundations, and shimmer-infused face and body liquids on the market. That’s no coincidence; bright and glowy is the “it look” — and we can assure you it’s here to stay. The only problem with achieving that look via makeup products, however, is that they get wiped off our cheekbones, Cupid’s bows, and eyelids at the end of the day. It’s up to us to help our skin glow on its own, so that’s where the almighty essence comes in.

    The Essence All-Star — and Why It Works

    Skin, meet your new brightness-boosting BFF. While there are a number of essence formulas on the market, there’s one undeniable leader: the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence ($99). Basically the Swiss Army Knife of skin care products, this formula relies on more than 38 years of time-tested science and one key ingredient to deliver big-time results for all skin types. The hundreds of rave reviews (from beauty editors, skin care experts, celebrities, and, most important, regular people) all over the internet are proof.

    If an essence isn’t already part of your skin care routine, that’s probably because you don’t know what it is — or that it can seriously transform your skin. Not to be confused with toner, an essence has a lightweight, watery consistency that contains concentrated active ingredients. (This means that it typically has a higher percentage of active ingredients than many thicker creams and serums, which are often made of mostly water and oil.) By patting or tapping it into the skin post-cleansing, those ingredients can be directly, quickly, and easily absorbed for fast and powerful results. Besides the transformational work an essence does on its own, it also prepares skin for the rest of your regimen. It’s the perfect — and most important — step to see game-changing results.

    In the case of the Facial Treatment Essence, its concentrated miracle ingredient, PITERATM (which makes up 90 percent of the formula!), is precisely what makes it the all-star of the essence category. It was actually discovered at a sake brewery in Japan and is derived through a natural fermentation process of a unique yeast strain. But what really sets this particular essence apart is the fact that it so closely resembles the skin’s natural formula, working in perfect harmony with different skin types, concerns, and conditions to enhance your natural look. In other words, it helps restore your skin’s natural glow and then some; we’re talking brightness beyond your dreams and skin that’s never looked better. With one game-changing bottle of an essence on your hands, you can truly set your skin up for success.

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