Urgent warning to dog owners over room in the house you should NEVER let your pet in | The Sun

Urgent warning to dog owners over room in the house you should NEVER let your pet in | The Sun

September 19, 2023

DOG owners have been warned not to leave their pooches alone in the kitchen – after a canine needed life-saving surgery.

Cocker Spaniel Roman managed to devour an entire corn on the cob in one before his parents could stop him.

He was rushed to the vets where an X-ray revealed the offending kernel stalk had lodged firmly in the pup's belly.

While not toxic, the cob is indigestible and can cause blockages which could prove fatal.

Roman's owner Danielle said: “That’s the first time Roman has done that.

"He snatched the corn and swallowed it in one."

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Jordan Sinclair of Haven Vets in Hull managed to get the culprit out via a small incision in the stomach.

She stitched the Cocker up and Roman has since made a good recovery.

But Jordan is warning owners to be extra vigilant when dogs are in the kitchen, near barbecues, picnics or food waste.

She told HullLive: “Corn on the cob can cause choking in dogs or it is highly likely to cause a blockage.

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“They will start being sick and if it gets lodged in the intestine it can cause parts of the gut to die off and affect the blood supply to those areas."

This can lead to the dog becoming seriously ill or even dying, so you must take them to the vet as soon as possible if you suspect they have swallowed something.

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