Travel blogger Katrin Milano opens up about her experience at Nihi Sumba

Travel blogger Katrin Milano opens up about her experience at Nihi Sumba

December 4, 2020

Nihi Sumba was named the best hotel in the world by Travel & Leisure in 2017 and has won the title of leading eco-resort for its high level of comfort, food and hospitality.

Christopher Birch, the owner, presents the concept as a new kind of luxury service for travelers. They may create their own itineraries, experience the unexpected and satisfy their curiosity for the wild side of the island.

This is not an ordinary hotel, but a new way of traveling. The lifestyle that allows you to experience an authentic unity with nature. Situated on a lost island in the Indian Ocean, the resort invites you to immerse yourself in the world of absolute tranquility. There are only a few unspoiled corners of nature in the world, so visiting such a place is a unique experience. Take a fresh look at yourself and be reborn after the endless chaos of the metropolis.

In addition, guests are involved in charitable activities. All donations go directly to local foundations. Locals live in poverty, and you can see it already on the way from the airport. When they meet the tourists, they welcome them as the most awaited guests. Faced with this painful reality, we realize how lucky we are to have food, clothes and a roof over our heads every day.

More than 90% of the hotel staff are local employees. They have lived a whole life on the island and know all its nuances. Each guest has a personal concierge that provides him with all the necessary stuff, shows which jungle road is better, how to get to waterfalls and from which point is the outstanding sunset view.

Everything at this place is unusual, from the location to the concept. The treetop wellness complex, swimming with horses, turtle release, waterfalls, chocolate master classes, surfing, yoga, concept restaurants, all this is the unforgettable opportunity to merge with wild nature and experience yourself on the edge of the world.

The hotel features a 2.5 km long private beach and more than 200 hectares of wild tropical nature. It offers surfing, scuba diving, hiking and cycling. The most original hike is the Spa Safari. After an hour’s walk through a picturesque landscape, exhausted travelers are invited to lunch in a private natural bay. Wellness, massages with unlimited number and duration of treatments await the guests on the rocky terrace. It is a unique place to visit at least once. It was a 29-hour journey, the longest of my life, but it was definitely worth it.