Ice-lolly themed IPA is axed over its appeal to children

Ice-lolly themed IPA is axed over its appeal to children

December 18, 2023

Beer fears! Ice-lolly themed IPA is axed over its appeal to children after mother complained when her young son saw his father drinking the rocket-inspired drink and burst into tears because he wasn’t allowed to try it

  • Alcohol regulator Portman Group upheld the complaint against Northern Monk
  • Rocket Lolly IPA also broke rules on the visibility of strength information
  • The Leeds-based beer maker previously discontinued its hot cross bun beer

An ice lolly-themed beer has been axed after a boy saw his father drinking it and burst into tears because he wasn’t allowed to try it .

The four-year-old’s mother complained about Rocket Lolly IPA to alcohol watchdogs who agreed the offering appealed to children.

Booze industry regulator Portman Group upheld the mother’s complaint and brewery Northern Monk agreed to discontinue the ale.

The mother said: ‘We raised our four-year-old to understand what alcohol is and why he is not permitted to try it.

‘However, when he saw his dad drinking this beer and heard that it was called Rocket Lolly, he became very upset he wasn’t allowed to try it – even after we made clear it was beer.

Beer maker Northern Monk has axed its Rocket Lolly IPA after alcohol regulator Portman Group found that it appealed to children

Northern Monk previously had to discontinue its hot cross bun ale for the same reason

‘Of the dozens of can designs he’s seen, this is the only one that has ever held appeal to him.’

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The tin for the 4.7% ABV brew shows the classic, rocket-shaped ice treat – popular with kids for generations.

It also broke rules because its alcoholic strength and description were not easily visible on the dark purple label.

The Leeds-based beer-maker has previously agreed to discontinue a hot cross bun-themed 5% ABV pale ale called Wasted after it was also criticised for appealing to under-18s.

Portman Group said: ‘The word wasted is common slang for being very drunk and it is the most prominent word on the packaging.’

Independent complaints panel interim chair Rachel Childs said: ‘I welcome that Northern Monk has decided to discontinue both beers, which in this instance have fallen foul of the code.

‘Producers of alcoholic drinks should take care to ensure their products are marketed responsibly, without a particular appeal to children and that they do not encourage, even indirectly, immoderate consumption.’

Northern Monk said: ‘We have taken on board feedback from the Portman Group which will inform future decisions around pack design.’

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