Dmytro Shymkiv on the Development of Pharmaceuticals in Ukraine

Dmytro Shymkiv on the Development of Pharmaceuticals in Ukraine

December 1, 2021

The Ukrainian pharmaceutical business has a high potential for cooperation with international pharmaceutical corporations, in particular, in the development of contract manufacturing of medicines. Dmytro Shymkiv, Head of the Board of Directors of Darnitsa Group, made this official statement.

According to him, our country has already had experience in contract manufacturing, but it mainly concerned bulk products or repackaging. However, Ukraine is now in a position to provide the pharmaceutical industry with much more interesting opportunities. To prove his point, Mr. Shymkiv cited the example of a recent UAH 2 billion investment in medical and pharmaceutical research and development. At the same time, he highlighted that 100% own, not borrowed funds had been invested. Dmytro Shymkiv also noted that today, Ukrainian pharmacists are engaged in more than 400 studies.

While explaining the essence of contract manufacturing, the Head of the Board of Directors of Darnitsa Group clarified that in this case, the holder of a patent for a product or technology is entitled to outsource their manufacture from any enterprise that has sufficient technical capabilities to produce specific products. Contract manufacturing involves not only the direct manufacture of a specific product, but also its invention and research.

The top manager of Darnitsa added that domestic pharmaceutical companies are constantly negotiating with a number of foreign pharmaceutical corporations. Their arrangements focus on the joint development of innovative medicines. Mr. Shymkiv pointed out that Ukrainian pharmaceutics is constantly working to expand exports. Southeast Asia, North Africa, and Latin America can be among the new promising export directions of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry.

Mr. Shymkiv is convinced that the Ukrainian pharmaceutical business has all the opportunities it needs, sufficient resources, and adequate ambitions to enter the global market and become international in the very near future. The top manager’s words are clearly supported by the annual growth in sales of domestic pharmaceutical products in the domestic market, which became possible as a result of constant introduction of new innovative technologies into Ukrainian pharmaceutical production.