Brazilian girl found dead in landfill after mom's cousin kidnapped her

Brazilian girl found dead in landfill after mom's cousin kidnapped her

December 12, 2023

Chilling discovery as Brazilian girl, 4, found dead in landfill after being ‘kidnapped from her home by her mother’s cousin who raped and killed her’

  • Kemilly Silva, 4, was raped and killed by her mother’s cousin, Reynaldo Rocha, in Nova Iguaçu, Brazil, on Saturday
  • Rocha confessed he took the child from her mother’s home while she was at a party
  • He said that his mother helped him stuff Silva’s body in a bag with food before he dumped it in a landfill near his home 

A Brazilian man confessed to killing his cousin’s four-year-old daughter because she would not stop crying after he had raped her.

Reynaldo Rocha, 22, told cops that he began to cut Kemilly Silva’s neck before he decided to hang her during the early hours of Saturday.

Rocha said his mother assisted in concealing Silva’s body inside a bag filled with food and dumped it in a landfill near his home in the Rio de Janeiro municipality of Nova Iguaçu.

Police said that Silva was left home sleeping with her two siblings under the care of her uncle and aunt after her mother, Suellen da Silva, left the home Friday around 11 pm to attend a neighborhood party.

Suellen Silva returned home Saturday around 5am to find the entrance gate to the home open and her daughter missing from the bedroom.

Kemilly Silva was removed Saturday from her home in Nova Iguaçu, Brazil by her mother’s cousin, Reynaldo Rocha, before the 22-year-old man raped and killed her

Reynaldo Rocha told authorities that he decided to kill his cousin’s four-year-old daughter, Kemilly Silva, because the child would not stop crying after he had raped her

The family initially thought Kemilly Silva had been abducted and reached out to the Nova Iguaçu Civil Police.

Neighborhood residents searched the area and made their way to Rocha’s home, where they dragged him out and beat him before police arrived.

Rocha was taken a local police station, where he confessed to the heinous crime and told them where they could find the body, according to police chief Mauro Cezar Jr.

The child’s uncle joined police in the search and identified the corpse.

‘May justice be served to all those who supported this crime,’ the child’s aunt said, as quoted by Metropoles news outlet. ‘His mother and sister also helped him, they washed the house, but it was no use, the forensics took it.’

Four-year-old Kemilly Silva was slipping with her two sibling at their home in the Rio de Janeiro town of Nova Iguaçu early Saturday when her mother’s cousin, Reynaldo Rocha, took her from the residence and raped her at his home, where he killed her

Rocha’s criminal background including prior arrests for robberies on February 21, 2021.

He and two other people, including a teenager, robbed a woman of her bag and cellphone at beach Ipamena Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

One of the suspects threatened to stab the woman before they handed over her items.

In a separate incident, Rocha and his accomplices approached another woman at Pedra do Arpoa, a busy surfing spot, and stole her two cellphones.

Rocha and his adult cohort were arrested and prosecutors requested their pre-trial detention, but a judge approved their release from custody because they did not have a criminal record.

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