‘People don’t agree with how I live my life’ Big Brother’s Hallie on reason she was booted out

‘People don’t agree with how I live my life’ Big Brother’s Hallie on reason she was booted out

October 30, 2023

Big Brother star Hallie Clark became the third housemate to be evicted from the rebooted series on ITV.

During her time in the iconic house, Hallie, 18, made headlines on numerous occasions, the first being when she came out to her fellow housemates as transgender.

Following her eviction, Hallie has opened up to press, including OK!, about whether she thinks transphobia played a part in her being voted out of the house.

She said: "I mean, of course I wouldn't like to think that that's the main reason I'm voted out. However, I'm not denying it could be a factor at play because there are people out there that don't agree with the way I live my life and just have views that I don't respect.

"So I'm not denying it has a part to play, however, I would like to think that people had more of a genuine reason, apart from just than I'm trans."

And discussing the other housemates who had faced nomination alongside her, Trisha and Dylan, Hallie reflected on how they all stood for something.

"Me, Dylan and Trish are all so unique and different. And we're all characters and I feel like we all brought something different to the table.

"Like Trish, she stands for so much, like she's passionate and she's a feminist. And Dylan, he's representing a load of amputees and he's amazing.

"And I'm representing the trans community and so we all stand for amazing things."

Adding that she's necessarily shocked at being the one evicted, Hallie revealed that she still felt "gutted" and as though she was leaving behind a new family.

Hallie also revealed how being in the Big Brother house has changed her, as she explained: "I think I've learned to let my guard down.

"I've learned to open up and I've learned that it's okay to be vulnerable and it's okay to cry in front of people. It's okay to get emotional. It's okay to be p****d off."

She continued: "I've learned just to let my wall down and to let people in because I went in there with a wall up because I've experienced so much hate in my life.

"And so I always had this wall up because I just wanted to protect myself and that house taught me to take it down and to let people in."

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