Jordan North and William Hanson reveal royal run-ins and I’m A Celeb advice

Jordan North and William Hanson reveal royal run-ins and I’m A Celeb advice

November 15, 2023

Radio 1 DJ Jordan North and etiquette expert William Hanson are an unlikely pair on paper, however the duo’s friendship is stronger than ever thanks to their advice podcast: Help I Sexted My Boss. William, who served the late Queen Elizabeth II, even gave Yorkshire-born Jordan some tips when he recently met William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales.

“We do have silliness and fun but he does give me advice,” Jordan, 33, says. “I was with other broadcasters, Vick Hope, Katie Thistleton and Dr. Alex from Love Island and we were all so nervous.

“There is something about [Kate and Will] – they are experts in talking to people and they’re genuinely interested. It’s nerve-wracking meeting them, but it’s great. They’re very down to earth – they said they were going to have curry for their tea.”

William’s experience with the royals wasn’t as laid back, with the etiquette coach nearly dropping a knife on the late Duke of Edinburgh’s head. “I was asked to step in as the butler for a lunch with the Queen and Prince Philip,” the 34-year-old reveals. “As I picked up his plate, he moved back in to talk to the person next to him so I whipped it away and the knife started to wobble on the plate.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is going to whack him on the head. I’m going to decapitate the Duke of Edinburgh.’ But I managed to put my thumb on top. I looked over to see if the butler had seen it, but staring right back at me was the Queen, who just smiled.”

Jordan and William give their advice on a host of dilemmas in their new book, Help I Sexted My Boss: A Hilarious Guide to Avoiding Life’s Award Moments, from who to invite to a wedding to navigating one-night stands. Although William admits he wasn’t particularly experienced in the dating department before meeting his husband Mikey – and wouldn’t go back to a suitor’s home if they hadn’t ironed their bedsheets. “I was single for many years,” he laughs.

"Mikey and I, neither of us hadn't had partners before so when sometimes there have been sources of conflict in our own relationship, we're a bit like, 'Is this normal?' But I think it would be worse if one of us has had previous partners and the other hadn't – we're both on a level playing field."

For the book and their podcast, Jordan and William take on different topics of expertise. “When listeners write in about music festivals or house parties, that is completely Jordan’s area. I’ve been to a nightclub only once in my life,” William says, with Jordan adding, “William knows more about his napkins and cutlery. I’m more nights out, stag dos.”

The pair met back in 2011, when Jordan was a runner at BBC Radio 5Live and William was a guest, giving etiquette advice. "It was one of the late shows, on at ten to one in the morning," Jordan says. "William was a guest on it and he was even claiming then at 21 to be the UK's leading etiquette expert."

"But we made each other laugh," William reveals, adding that they later met again at a party.

"I genuinely thought I would never see him again and that he'd go home to his librarian wife and have a sherry – how wrong I was," Jordan says. "But we went to an Olympic ceremony party and the friend of ours said to me, 'I've got a friend coming around who's a bit posh. You won't like him. Just don't be rude.'

"Meanwhile, he said to William, 'My housemate is a bit rough around the edges, you won't like him, don't be rude."

The rest was broadcasting history, with the friends launching their podcast Help I Sexted My Boss in 2018 – despite Jordan's previous local radio blunders.

"In my early twenties, I was still trying to go out every weekend and get drunk with a weekend job at a station called Rock FM in Lancashire," Jordan admits. "I went out and walked out of this club at 4am, but was on air at 6.

"I fell asleep in the studio. That's probably me biggest on-air blunder – falling asleep during a show. How have I still got a job in broadcasting?"

The Radio 1 presenter took on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! during its COVID era – and thinks William would be perfect for the show.

"I would love him to do it. He'll definitely be asked to do it in the next series, I'm pretty sure," he says.

"To anyone that's going in this year – just enjoy it. It really is as tough as it looks, the days are long because when you're not doing much, it's a bit boring and you're hungry. But just enjoy it and be yourself," he adds. "Don't blame the edit when you come out. 'I was edited wrong' – you can't edit someone arguing."

Would he ever return to reality TV with Celebrity Big Brother? “I would never say no to anything because you never know, in a couple of years, you might be skint,” he says. As for William, he’s not particularly keen on doing a reality show, he laughs “They’d have to iron their bedding!”

Help I Sexted My Boss: A Hilarious Guide to Avoiding Life’s Awkward Moments is available to buy now

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