ITV This Morning branded ’embarrassing’ as ‘very strange’ cat segment goes wrong

ITV This Morning branded ’embarrassing’ as ‘very strange’ cat segment goes wrong

November 1, 2023
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    Fans of ITV's This Morning have labelled the show "embarrassing" after things went terribly wrong for presenters Josie Gibson and Rylan Clark.

    On Wednesday's programme (November 1), Nicole Spink and her cat Bella appeared on the famous blue sofa to showcase Bella's record-breaking purr. The 14-year-old cat from Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire recently broke the Guinness World Record for the loudest purr, measuring at an incredible 54.6 decibels.

    But unfortunately, Bella was as quiet as a mouse while seated in the ITV studio in front of all of the cameras, leaving Josie and Rylan scrambling to get a sound out of Bella so that the segment didn't fall flat. They tried tempting her with a piece of chicken, but the cat refused the treat, and she later failed to purr into the mic when the presenters eagerly tried to make her open her mouth.

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    As things continued to go downhill, fans headed straight to the X formerly known as Twitter to share their thoughts on the segment that some labelled "very strange". One viewer said: Well… that was embarrassing #ThisMorning 'The Cat With The Loudest Purr In The World'… not today!! We all know cats never perform on cue.

    Another said: "The non-purring cat was probably the most embarrassing moment on #ThisMorning." A third chimed: "It’s obvious that the poor cat is anxious and uncomfortable. Add this to the fact that cats are twisted and do nothing on demand, and she’s purring for no one!"

    While a fourth viewer wrote: "Working from home today … decided I’d give this daytime TV thing a go. Currently watching @thismorning in which there is a cat with the loudest purr on – the cat has not purred once. I’m going back to the office."

    However, another spectator had a suggestion for the presenters. The viewer wrote: "Why wasn’t there a video of the purring?! You expect a cat out of their comfort zone to perform live."

    Sharing her thoughts about her cat Bella, Nicole previously said: "We've always known Bella had a really loud purr – we even have to turn up the volume to hear the TV over her purring – and that's always after mealtimes.

    "So, when we saw that the record for the World's Loudest Purr was up for grabs, we knew we had to put Bella forward, and we're so pleased we did."

    Proud owner Nicole told presenters Josie and Rylan that she stumbled on her cat's purring talent "by accident". She also expressed that food and cuddles are usually the things that encourage Bella to purr.

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