Whitney Port Offers Mental Health Update After Recent Weight Loss Concerns

Whitney Port Offers Mental Health Update After Recent Weight Loss Concerns

September 7, 2023

The Hills alum Whitney Port says she visited a "nutritionist/psychiatrist" with concerns she might have an eating disorder only to discover that there was something else going on.

A month after admitting that she thought she had “a type of disordered eating,” The Hills alum Whitney Port revealed that she sought professional guidance and received an unexpected diagnosis.

On the latest installment of her With Whit podcast, Port revealed taht she had followed through on her promise to seek out a “nutritionist/psychiatrist,” getting a recommendation from her best friend Andrea.

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She also talked about how Andrea had reached out to her with her concerns about Port’s recent weight loss, but not until after Port had gone public in late July. According to Port, Andrea reached out to her with a text message, “I’ve been worried about you.”

Port had been enduring comments from fans and followers for a little while, but didn’t start to take them seriously until her husband Tim Rosenman had shared his own concerns.

Last month on her podcast, Port said she feels her eating behaviors are “more out of laziness” and “pickiness and that I just go hungry and don’t care,” but admitted that this isn’t “healthy.”

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“I think, though, that it is a type of disordered eating,” she shared. “That’s not OK. That’s not healthy. I’m obviously not giving my body the nutrients that it needs.”

It turns out there’s more truth to that than she realized. And as it turns out, at least according to the specialist she saw, Port doesn’t have an eating disorder. Instead, she’s suffering from depression, which is impacting her eating habits.

Port explained that her therapist told her she has what’s known as “neurovegetative depression” which, as Port herself had noted, impacts her energy and motivation. Port said that she found the visit “validating” and allowed her to trust in herself again.

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“I felt like I could trust myself like I could trust my gut like I wasn’t crazy because I was really scared that I was in denial about how I viewed myself or what was really going on because I pride myself on being a very socially aware person,” Port said.

“So it was hard for me because I was like, ‘S–t, am I not getting it?’ But I feel like I am,” she continued. “I really feel like I am and I feel like I am taking the steps to take care of myself and the hard part for me is going to be consistency.”

She also revealed that she’s currently on antidepressants, which are “working great.” But she doesn’t see this as a long-term solution. The bottom line is that she is taking her health seriously, both physically and mentally.

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