What is the speed bump sex position and what are the benefits?

What is the speed bump sex position and what are the benefits?

September 4, 2023

Not all sex positions need to mean contorting yourself into positions a gymnast would struggle with.

Some are designed for comfort and maximum effect, giving you both the greatest chance of orgasming by aligning your bodies correctly.

One of these easy yet effective positions is the speed bump. So how exactly do you do the position, and why is it so popular?

What is the speed bump sex position?

This is a position designed seemingly with heterosexual couples in mind but can be adapted for lesbians, for example, with a strap-on.

Essentially, you want the person on the bottom to have a vagina, since the speed bump is all about the g-spot.

The speed bump is a rear-entry position where the woman (in this instance) would lay on her front with a pillow or bolster underneath her hips.

The penetrating partner kneels behind them to enter from behind.

You can play around with what feels best for your legs, with the person on top either straddling or putting their legs in between their partner’s.

What are the benefits?

The benefit of this position compared to ‘spooning’ is that the elevation from the cushion makes it much easier to hit the g-spot on the front wall of the vagina.

It has the edge on doggy style, too, in that you can be physically closer to each other if you prefer more intimacy.

The penetrating partner can rest their head on the receiving partner’s back and kiss their neck for a bit of romance.

As mentioned, you can easily use a pillow or cushion to put under the hips, but there are specific products available if you want something made for the job.

A wedge-shaped pillow is ideal – such as the Liberator wedge – and most are made of non-slip materials so you can perfect your positioning without slipping around the bed in the heat of the moment.

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