‘Trolls call me ironing board as I’m skinny – you don’t need curves to be sexy’

‘Trolls call me ironing board as I’m skinny – you don’t need curves to be sexy’

October 29, 2023

A woman who was told she looked like an "ironing board" because of her skinny frame has hit back in the best way.

Clara Dao is known for sharing body positive content online, and she wants to show her 380,000 Instagram followers there's beauty in being "flat-chested" and "skinny". She recently stripped down to lingerie to show you don't need curves to be sexy.

The influencer posed in electric blue undies to celebrate her bod, and to remind people she deserves to feel good in her own skin. She thinks body positivity is for everyone – no matter their shape or size.

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The orange-haired babe looked super fiery as she smiled for the camera and proudly flaunted her bod. She looked lovely in lace as she showed off her slender frame with confidence.

With her curly hair and neutral make-up, Clara looked a vision of natural beauty. Bold and brave – she was effortlessly lovely as she struck a number of poses.

She truly showed that lingerie is for everyone, and that you can feel confident in it – no matter what your shape or size.

Writing on Instagram, Clara said: "Body positivity exists for every body type, and everyone deserves to be confident. That wasn’t always the case for bodies like mine.

"I'm called names and made fun of but I'm also told to be grateful when I call them out. My insecurities exist as a skinny person, but there was never any representation in the media to tell me that.

"There was no one as skinny or flat chested as me telling me what I needed to hear as an insecure teenage girl. There was no one when I was crying, but I was sure I was not alone, so I decided to be that representation I needed.

"I wanted to be that person online that you can reach out to when your body doesn’t fit into the ideal. I wanted to be that person you can turn to when you were called an ironing board or a skeleton.

"I wanted to make bodies like mine something to be confident about, because the thought of a young girl watching my videos and overcoming their insecurities is exactly why I do what I do now. Thank you for being here, I love you."

Since she shared the post more than 29,000 people have liked it, and many of her followers were quick to comment. People wanted to support her and said "flat girls are sexy", as they praised her for sharing such authentic content.

One person replied: "Couldn’t agree more. I so needed this when I was growing up. I even now as a 36 year old woman have a hard time feeling sexy being flat chested.

"Hard to when I feel society has engrained it I to our minds that women have to have boobs to be sexy. So thank you for helping all of the skinny flat chested ladies that have been forgotten about."

Another added: "Thank you for sharing your confidence so little girls like we know being a woman isn’t about the curves you have. It took me a long time to come into feeling feminine because I was always so thin and flat."

A third also chirped in: "Literally a living piece of art. Thank you for making the content that you do."

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