Pro organizer reveals an easy way to completely transform your closet

Pro organizer reveals an easy way to completely transform your closet

November 1, 2023

I’m a pro organizer – here is an easy and simple swap to help completely transform your closet

  • US-based TikToker Annika shared the organizing tip in a video posted last week
  • She explained that the straightforward swap can help keep things looking neat
  • In the clip, Annika said that the switch can make a ‘huge difference’ in the closet 

Keeping your home in order may seem overwhelming sometimes, but one former professional organizer is making things simple with this easy swap.

US-based TikTok user Annika, who goes by the username @sweetandtidy_, often shares her tips and tricks on her social media pages, making videos that include her expertise on how to effectively pack for trips and save space in your closet.

In a new video posted last week, Annika revealed a safe-saving tip that can make a ‘huge difference’ in your closet when storing pants.

‘One of my favorite closet organization hacks for keeping everything looking super neat is actually utilizing baby hangers for my pants,’ Annika said in the video, as she showed off what they looked like all hung up.

US-based TikTok user Annika, who goes by the username @sweetandtidy_ , often shares her tips and tricks on her social media pages 

In Annika’s TikTok video, she shared a simple switch to make that can have your closet looking more organized 

Annika compared what a regular-sized hanger (left) looks like while hanging a pair of jeans, explaining that the baby-sized one (right) holds better and looks more organized

Annika compared how a regular-sized hanger looked with a pair of pants on it, compared to how an 11-inch baby hanger looks. 

‘You can see on a regular hanger my pants just have a lot of room to slide around, and they usually weigh the hanger down to a certain side, it just doesn’t look cute,’ she said. 

She illustrated that there was still a lot of room left on the regular-sized hanger, showing off how a pair of blue jeans sits on it.

‘It’s a little bit more proportional and snug, and it’s also going to be a lot more compact when you hang it up, you can see how much space you’re saving,’ she explained.

‘It’s just going to reduce all that visual clutter and make everything look a little more uniform and neat.’ 

Annika also revealed that she not only uses this hack for her pants, but for her sports bras and leggings as well. 

In the comments section of her TikTok video, many users were impressed by the seemingly straightforward swap.

‘Smart!’ one person wrote. ‘I never would have thought of that.’

The TikToker showed how the regular-sized hanger looked in her closet compared to the baby ones 

In the comments section of her TikTok video, many users were ‘mind-blown’ by the simple hack

Another agreed, adding, ‘I swear mind blown! I love how the simple solutions are the most brilliant! Good job.’

‘I can’t wait for my closet to look like this,’ someone else penned. ‘GENIUS.’

Others even shared their own tips for closet organization.

‘If you already have a bunch of regular hangers, you can also hang two pairs of pants on one hanger,’ one commenter suggested.

Another wrote, ‘I bought hangers for slacks they are on Amazon and are open on one side. For trousers they do not leave a crease like this style does.’

However, Annika isn’t the only one who has some closet organization tips to share.

Melbourne-based content creator Chantel Mila recently shared her own tricks to maximize closet space.

One hack included an interesting way to fold jeans so that they take up less room on your shelf.

easy swap that makes a huge difference 🫡 #closethack #closetorganization #storageideas #amazonfinds #organizedgirlielifestyle

In the video, which was posted to both her Instagram and TikTok pages, Mila folded the legs of the jeans up towards the belt then in half twice. 

The mom-of-two also offered a tip for storing handbags, explaining that she keeps the shape of the bags by stuffing them with a Ziploc bag full of crumpled-up paper.

Laury Gomez, the founder of UNpile, also previously shared her secrets with

Gomez recommended using bins for keeping organized, as well as swapping wire hangers for ones made of velvet or wood, as they can ‘maximize space on racks.’

In addition, Gomez suggested selling any gently-used clothing you don’t want anymore to a consignment or thrift shop, as it can earn you some extra cash.

‘Some stores will give you cash or trade-in options – so don’t forget to make it part of your process and help your local community entrepreneurs along the way,’ Gomez said.  

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