‘I’ve made £797k in two years by mowing the lawn naked – my husband supports me’

‘I’ve made £797k in two years by mowing the lawn naked – my husband supports me’

September 6, 2023
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    A mum revealed how she's pocketing a fortune from snapping herself around the farm while nude.

    Honeyy Brooks earns a staggering £45,000 ($90,000 AUD) from shooting content of herself mowing the lawn naked.

    The 32-year-old Australian balances working on her page and maintaining the farm with her two young kids.

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    After leaving her marketing business in 2021, she began posting saucy content where she made £5,000 in one month.

    And with the help of her husband Hank, she's built a lucrative career by getting her kit off while on the farm.

    Her other half even gets involved with her racy shoots sometimes.

    She told FEMAIL: "I'll do some cheeky gardening and I'll do some cheeky lawn mowing.

    "And if I'm taking my dogs for a run, I'll film something so it's about just my everyday stuff but being cheeky with it."

    Honeyy's day begins when she wakes up and enjoys a coffee before taking the kids to school.

    After tidying the house, the mum then gets to the real work where she films custom content and makes video calls.

    She loves stripping off in the middle of tending to the horses, collecting eggs, checking the cows and walking the dogs.

    Fans truly adore her "authentic" content where she gets to show the "cheeky" side of herself.

    Then after picking the kids up from school, Honeyy is on "mum duty" until they go to bed and she starts some admin.

    Part of her job is taking requests from clients and while she's open-minded, there have been some surprises.

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    She admitted: "I get a lot of fully-clothed requests and things like walking through mud or massaging mud off my feet.

    "One time I had to smoke a cigarette fully clothed and the guy didn't want me to speak – for me that's more left field."

    Fortunately her husband Hank is supportive of what she does – and he gets involved with filming content too.

    As for their kids, they're still too young to know what's going on.

    Living in a small country town has meant Honeyy managed to keep her business under wraps.

    The mum got into OnlyFans in 2021 after her networking marketing business started to go south.

    She decided to travel with her family for 12 months in their caravan which made her realise how tiring her job was.

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    Along their travels, Honeyy and Hank met another OnlyFans creator who helped them start up.

    After six months of researching the platform, Honeyy started posting content solo without showing her face.

    She earned her household income within the first few months then decided to dive right in.

    Honeyy started showing her face and filming with Hank where she earned than £797,000 ($1million AUD) in two years.

    The mum works between 10-14 hours each weekday on top of being a mum.

    She concluded: "I do put my heart and soul into it.

    "It's really incredible when you have a platform that you love, you can work hard on and it does pay you well.

    "I am a big believer in just doing whatever makes you happy. And right now this is just making me so happy."

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