‘I embrace saggy boobs – holding tennis rackets with them is a cool party trick’

‘I embrace saggy boobs – holding tennis rackets with them is a cool party trick’

November 17, 2023

A body positive influencer embraced her 'saggy' boobs by making them hold her belongings – including a tennis racket.

Brooke Paintain, 20, often posts self-love content which has helped her rack up a whopping 596,000 TikTok followers. The blonde beauty regularly urges others to accept their bodies, regardless of shape and size.

And in one viral video, Brooke decided to pay particular attention to her boobs. After a trend saw women putting their busty chests to good use, the content creator provided her own take.

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In the video that racked up over 96,000 views, Brooke rocked brown leggings and a white top without a bra.

And it wasn't just a simple fashion look. The stunner placed a tennis racket under one breast and held a black satchel bag under the other boob.

"One way to embrace my saggy boobs," she chuckled in the caption as she posed with the items still under her chest. In another clip, Brooke wanted to reassure others about their 'insecurities' and urged that there is nothing wrong with their bodies.

"It's crazy how easy it is to come across a certain way on social media,” Brooke declared. "Whatever it is that you are insecure about, I promise it's normal. There is nothing wrong with your body.

“Everything about you, is what makes you, YOU, and I love that about you."

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Many people fled to the comments to thank Brooke for her boob positivity post – her video was even labelled "legendary".

"I love you for this Brooke," one fan commented. Another user added: "The best flex ever ha."

While a third voiced: "Legendary." Someone else giggled: "I feel your pain girlie."

Meanwhile, a fifth praised: "I love this. Saggy boobs gang.

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