‘I direct my mum’s racy content and tell her what saucy positions to get in’

‘I direct my mum’s racy content and tell her what saucy positions to get in’

September 3, 2023

A teenager who films his model mum’s adult platform content has revealed what it's like.

Arthur Urach, 18, says he doesn't feel awkward filming content for his 35-year-old parent Andressa Urach – who is a former Brazilian Miss BumBum model and TV presenter.

The teen insists the process doesn’t bother him and thinks about mundane things to pass the time while doing it.

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He said: “My only thought after recording everything there is, ‘Which restaurant should I go to today’.”

Arthur says he feels so comfortable filming his mum that he even directs her scenes.

He added: “I don’t think it’s weird.

“Sometimes I have to tell her what position she has to be in, what the girl has to do.

“In the last one, we did a stay with a woman in a motel.

“I literally had to give her instructions for most of the photos and videos.

Arthur's comment come after he hosted a Q&A on Instagram last month where he talked about filming his mum's content.

Ofuxico reports one follower asked him: "Arthur, are you the one who films Andressa’s Only?"

Arthur, a DJ, replied: "Yep, I'm really bada** with pictures, right?"

Some people were outraged at the time though, as one person asked: "You are not ashamed of your mother selling herself, do you film her like this?"

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He replied: "I'm not ashamed, I'm very serene with her decision."

Arthur, who has been emancipated since he was 16, also recently sparked more controversy with his mum after the pair were spotted partying in a nightclub.

Her ex-husband Thiago Lopes fumed at the time: "What about a mother who takes her own son to a wh*rehouse to watch her mother rub against other men?"

Andressa formerly quit her racy career on OnlyFans to 'return to God' – however she quickly returned to the site again after going back on the vow.

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