Why is 'I peeled my orange today' trending? | The Sun

Why is 'I peeled my orange today' trending? | The Sun

November 15, 2023

A BIZARRE new TikTok trend has gone viral on social media after leaving viewers emotional.

The line "I peeled my orange today" was seen in screenshots of a conversation between two people over text and is now doing the rounds online.

Why is 'I peeled my orange today' trending?

The line "I peeled my orange today" is trending on TikTok after images of an emotional conversation between two former lovers was revealed.

They were uploaded by an account called Things I Can’t Send, which has delved into the life of an emotional breakup.

Viewers can feel the heartbreak between two people called Charlotte and Em in every message and it's left some social media users posting their reactions online.

But it is the one message containing "I peeled my orange today" that is the particular tear-jerker.

Not only does it show the girl's growth following the breakup, but also how they never received a reply to the message.

What does 'I peeled my orange today' mean?

In the final screenshot of the conversation uploaded to TikTok, Charlotte messages Em: "I peeled my orange today".

In a previous message to her ex, she said: “I miss when you would peel my oranges for me in the morning."

Em replies by asking “Did you learn how to do it yet?”, to which Charlotte responds: “No, I still get juice all over and stab my nails too deep".

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Em tells her that she'll "figure it out someday".

Charlotte's difficulties to peel an orange shows her struggles with life after the breakup, having gotten used to Em doing it for her.

Em eventually tells Charlotte not to text her again because it’s too painful but the last slide is a text message from a different day in which Charlotte says: “I peeled my orange today.”

It left TikTok users in tears as it shows the girl’s growth following the breakup and how she is finally moving on.

What happens in the 'I peeled my orange today' video?

The video is a series of messages between the two girls, Em and Charlotte, following their break-up.

Played over emotional music in the background, it sets quite an emotional scene.

The TikTok story begins with Charlotte texting “Hey” to Em, who is surprised and didn’t expect to see a notification from her.

She apologises and says “I just wanted to tell you that i got into NYU,” to which Em replies: “That’s amazing… I’m so proud of you.”

It becomes obvious that the two girls used to be lovers as they talk about how Em helped with her application as they watched movies and ate cookies.

Charlotte appears to still be in love with Em, who mentions how she once “loved” and “cared” but doesn’t any more.

Charlotte thanks Em for texting her back and although she says "you're welcome", she follows it up by telling Charlotte not to text again as she's only going to hurt herself.

When Charlotte texts Em that she managed to peel her orange, it sends as a green message rather than the usual blue one that's associated with iMessaging.

This shows that Em has either deleted her number, or blocked her.

After watching the video, more than 12,000 people commented on the post.

One person said: “I peeled my orange today has tear drops on my phone.”

“I peeled my orange really got me,” said another.

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A third person added: “I peeled my orange today was my last straw.”

“I peeled my orange today broke me,” said a fourth.

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