Shoppers are dashing to pick up huge air fryer for £39 that can cook a whole roast – and it’ll also reduce your bills | The Sun

Shoppers are dashing to pick up huge air fryer for £39 that can cook a whole roast – and it’ll also reduce your bills | The Sun

October 26, 2023

AIR FRYERS are probably this year’s most popular kitchen gadget: they’re super easy to use, incredibly versatile, and way more energy efficient than traditional cooking methods. 

But for large families, finding one big enough to cook everyone’s grub at once can be quite a challenge, particularly if you’re not wanting to shell out a fortune. 

So shoppers have been delighted to find a fab option with an absolutely huge capacity on sale for a remarkable £38.84. 

The Daewoo Manual Air Fryer has a huge 17-litre capacity, which according to the product description means that it can cook for eight to 10 people at once. 

The halogen oven is even able to roast a whole chicken, making it the perfect option for preparing your Sunday lunch with little hassle. 

It comes with timer and temperature dials which mean you can rest assured you won’t burn your dinner, while it also has a super convenient self-clean mode – meaning all you have to do is fill with soapy water and press a button. 

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Like other air fryers, the air-circulation tech means you can cook with no oil, making dishes way less calorific, but still achieve that delicious crispy effect on chips and the like. 

And what’s more, the oven is a whopping 73% cheaper to run than the average electric oven, so could save you an absolute fortune on your energy bills. 

Shoppers can’t get enough of the bargain buy, which has racked up nearly 5.5k five-star reviews on the Amazon website. 

“In the world of kitchen appliances, our Daewoo 17L Halogen Air Fryer Low Fat Oven has truly been a culinary marvel that's transformed our cooking experience,” one wrote. 

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He added: “If you're seeking an appliance that promises delicious, healthier meals with ease, look no further. This is one investment that's sure to elevate your culinary journey.” 

Another gushed: “Perfect purchase and great price. Just as good as the Ninja.” 

A ninja model in a similar style, however, would set you back an eye-watering £269 – making this one more than £240 cheaper! 

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Or for a spooky treat, these Halloween pizza rolls take just 10 minutes to make and are sure to delight the little ones. 

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