Lady Sarah Chatto wore poignant brooch for Queen’s funeral

Lady Sarah Chatto wore poignant brooch for Queen’s funeral

September 3, 2023

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral takes place at Westminster Abbey

Lady Sarah Chatto paid tribute to the late Queen at her state funeral at Westminster Abbey. Dressed from top-to-toe in black, royal fans spotted Sarah had donned a very special jewel for the occasion.

The floral diamond brooches Sarah wore appeared to be from the collection of her late mother, Princess Margaret.

Twitter user @coutureroyals wrote: “Lady Sarah and Daniel Chatto arriving at Westminster Abbey for Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral.

“Sarah is Queen Elizabeth’s niece and she is wearing the Snowdon Floral Brooches from her late mum, Princess Margaret”.

The Snowdon Floral Brooches were given to Princess Margaret by her ex-husband Antony Armstrong-Jones to mark their wedding in 1960.

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In recent decades, the late Princess’ only daughter Sarah has worn them for key occasions.

Sarah was spotted wearing the jewels to the celebrations for the Queen and Prince Philip’s 50th wedding anniversary in 1997.

And for a devastating occasion in 2002, Sarah touchingly wore one of the pieces for her mother’s funeral in Windsor.

So it is a touching tribute to her only maternal aunt that Sarah wore the brooches again at Westminster for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

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Remarkably, Sarah has also worn the brooches in an innovative way. Lady Sarah married actor and artist Daniel Chatto in 1994 at a low-key royal wedding at St Stephen Walbrook.

The bride wore a Jasper Conran gown in a classic, elegant style. But the crowning glory of her look was the Snowdon Floral Tiara.

This tiara was actually comprised of the Snowdon Floral Brooches to make a diadem. Jeweller Wartski was tasked with crafting the beautiful piece.

Sarah added some extra foliage to it for the big day to create the whimsical bridal look. She opted to wear a family heirloom tiara for her big day rather than a diadem from the royal collection.

The Queen traditionally lent royals a tiara from her personal collection for their wedding days.

But like her mother Margaret, Sarah opted to break the mould with her wedding day attire.

Princess Margaret famously wore a tiara she had purchased herself for her wedding in 1960.

The Poltimore Tiara, a tall structured piece adorned with glistening diamonds, made quite the statement as Margaret walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey.

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