I'm a savvy mum & my easy three-ingredient cleaning solution is the perfect way to keep your home dust-free | The Sun

I'm a savvy mum & my easy three-ingredient cleaning solution is the perfect way to keep your home dust-free | The Sun

September 19, 2023

A MUM-OF-TWO has shared how she keeps her home dust-free with an easy and affordable mixture that requires just three ingredients.

Carolina Mccauley, from the sunny Australia, took to TikTok to offer a helping hand to fellow cleaning enthusiasts with this hack – and not only is it effective, but also budget-friendly.

According to the Aussie cleaning sensation, the answer to a dust-free home is simple – a special mixture that calls for three common household ingredients.

For this, Carolina demonstrate in the video, you will need to mix two cups of water with 1/4 cups of vinegar, a tablespoon of olive oil, as well as three drops of your favourite washing-up liquid.

If you fancy that extra fresh smell in your home, Carolina also advised to chuck in a few drops of essential oil, whether it's something zesty or relaxing, such as lavender.

Once done, give it a good shake and then spray some of the homemade concoction onto a clean microfiber cloth, the Aussie parent went on to show.

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This can then be used on most dirty surfaces in the room, such as a wooden table or even mirrors and glass.

Sharing the game-changer of a hack to her 2.8million followers, the whizz claimed this mix ''completely removes and repels dust''.

According to Caroline, you also don't need to use it on a regular basis – the busy parent sprays the mixture just once a month for the ultimate results.

''Wave goodbye to constant dusting with my not-so-secret-anymore magic spray!'' she went on in the caption.

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Since being shared on the popular platform, the clip's gone viral, winning the Aussie more than 100k likes.

But whilst she may rave about the affordable trick, it seems that not everyone was impressed.


One reckoned: ''the glass [will] have smudges now…''

Someone else added: ''went straight to: "how to have an oily home".''

A third also was not entirely convinced on this, wondering: ''But how does it repel dust? Oil attracts dust.''

However, it wasn't all negative, as fellow cleaning super fans claimed the hack worked like a charm.

One pet lover, for instance, hit back at the trolls, writing: ''I do this. Keeps the dust at bay 100%. I dont dust nearly as much as I used to and I have 3 dogs [sic]!''

Over the years, the cleaning guru has become somewhat of an internet sensation, boasting millions of fans.

Carolina regularly shares her tops tips and tricks, such as how to clean your bathroom in just five minutes, how you should really drain pasta, as well as a 79p B&M buy that instantly banishes that musty smell from your washing machine.

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