I'm a fit gym mama who works out in tiny rompers… meanies beg me to stop wearing them but it's great for my confidence | The Sun

I'm a fit gym mama who works out in tiny rompers… meanies beg me to stop wearing them but it's great for my confidence | The Sun

December 9, 2023

A FIT mum has revealed how she instantly boosts her confidence – by wearing teeny figure-hugging rompers with backless detailing.

When it comes to working out – or anything, really – you should wear what makes you feel your best and most confident – and for mum and fitness coach Ashley Prichard it's sexy backless rompers with ruched booty area.

Perhaps to inspire others, the fitness enthusiast bunny, who is on her way to become a professional bodybuilder, regularly shares her sporty outfits on Instagram.

Whether that's tiny shorts or cute gym bras, the mum's gym attire has certainly caused quite the storm online previously, with some even telling Ashley to change her wardrobe entirely.

The fit parent was even brutally mum-shamed earlier this year, as one troll told her: ''You're a mum, you shouldn't dress like that.''

Unfortunately, it's not just her gym gear that's gone viral on social media – mean trolls have also insisted her toned and muscular body was ''unattractive'' on a ''woman''.

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However, none of this has proven to be enough to stop the fitness lover from arriving at the gym in barely-there garments – and this time, she explained how a backless romper that enhanced her booty worked wonders for her confidence.

''I am completely obsessed […]. I have told you guys before that if you need self-confidence, wear backless.

''I have not felt the best this week but confidence is quite literally out of the roof today,'' she posed with the berry colour garment in the video.

''It's just backless always. Backless is forever my confidence booster ,'' the stunner added in the caption.

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But just like with most of her clips, this, too, was spotted by mean trolls, some of whom raced to comments to shame the fitness lover.

One person begged: ''Please don’t wear that.''

Another wanted to know: ''Is this satire?''

A third commented on her figure, describing it as ''soft and saggy''.

Someone else, meanwhile, reckoned she was desperate for ''attention''.

Luckily, there was also plenty of support from both fellow gym baddies and hopeful would-be Romeos admiring her.

''Watching your journey has been so inspiring! Thank you for sharing! You look amazing!'' wrote one fan.

''This looks so good on you,'' another chimed in.

Looking back at her fitness journey, the gym fanatic said: ''When I started working out 5 1/2 years ago, I was just trying to be the smallest version of myself.

''I didn’t have a goal in mind other than what the scale showed and making sure it got lower and lower.''

Fortunately, Ashley is not focussed on the cruel remarks – she much rather thinks about her health and goals, and not what others tink of her outfits.

''Fast forward to now, I want to be a Pro bodybuilder and we are on the way to it.

''This process takes time, hard work, consistency, showing up when you don’t want to and discipline.

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''It’s extreme and that’s why I love it. It tests my mental just as much as my physical.

''I still have work to do but to see where I started and how far I’ve come makes me so excited for the future.''

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