I went on a first date with a hot guy who's exactly my type, it was one fail after another but people say it's my fault | The Sun

I went on a first date with a hot guy who's exactly my type, it was one fail after another but people say it's my fault | The Sun

November 1, 2023

A GLAMOROUS singleton has divided opinions after sharing her worst first date experience.

She explained how agreeing to watch a movie with a hot guy left her disappointed although she had initially thought he was her type.

Trissity Jane (@realtrissityjane) has garnered over 154,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares her love of music.

She took to the social media platform to speak candidly about one of the worst dates that she has ever been on.

Trissity said: “So this guy asks me out on a date and when I tell you he was hot, he was hot!

“Tall, blue eyes, brown hair, literally exactly my type so of course I said yes and I was excited.

“He said ‘let’s go see a movie’ and I know what you’re thinking because I was thinking the same thing.

“Like a movie on a first date, how are we supposed to get to know each other?

“Plus that’s kind of sketch. We all know why boys want to go see movies with girls.

“But me being stupid I was like ‘Ok sounds great’ plus I mean this guy was so cute and he seemed like he was just my type.

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“I was honestly willing to do anything at this point.”

Trissity applied makeup to her face as she continued to explain the dating horror story.

She admitted that she hoped he would pick her up on the day of the date because she believed that’s what men should do.

She said: “He responded and was like ‘no, you can just meet me there.’

“So I got in my car and I drove half an hour to the movie theater that he wanted to go to because it was closer to his house.

“Again, me being stupid.

“I drive to the movie theater and I get there at 11:15 am which was so weird, we went in the morning.

“I got there at 11:15 am which is right when we said we were going to meet each other.

“I’m sitting in my car in the parking lot waiting for him to show up because I didn’t know what kind of car he drove.”

Trissity tried to text and call her date after 15 minutes had passed but didn’t receive any response.

She said: “I definitely should’ve just left but like I said this guy was really hot and I wasn’t about to miss out.

“Finally I get a text and it says I’m running late, be there in five minutes. 15 minutes later he finally shows up and the movie has already started. 

“I’m not gonna lie to you guys he looked like c**p and like he had just rolled out of bed.

“We go into the movie theater and he has me pay for my own ticket, which is kind of a red flag.”

Trissity admitted she was glad they had already missed some of the movie because it was over three hours long and about cars.

She explained that she was visibly in a bad mood once they sat down but the guy started trying to make moves on her.

She said: “I was so not having it. Finally, the movie ended and he tried to hug me goodbye.

“I just dodged the hug, got in my car, and never spoke to him again.

“But funny thing he still tries to hit me up to this day.”

Over 538,000 people watched the video and it quickly racked up 35,000 likes.

A stream of commenters mocked Trissity for being shallow and accused her of ignoring the red flags because the guy was attractive.

One person wrote: “In other words, you only cared that he was hot. Didn’t get to know him at all, learn anything about him, or anything like that. Had this coming.”

Another commented: “Glad you didn’t miss out [laughing]. Looks are not everything.”

A third said: “You should really think more of yourself. The fact that he didn’t pick you up would have been all for me.”

A fourth wrote: “You only like him because he was pretty that’s a red flag, no offense.”

Another added: “And that’s what happens when you base everything on LOOKS – you sound so superficial.”

Trissity hit back, saying: "For those of you saying I'm all about looks – um hello! That's how dating starts, it's attraction!"

Others sympathized with her while offering advice for future dates. 

One penned: “Good for you! That’s such bulls**t. Never leave a woman waiting, respect and loyalty towards her.”

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Another said: “I’m sorry that happened, I had a person ghost me when I was supposed to go to the movies on a date. I hope you find a great person.”

A third said: “You may think that boys should pick you up, but it’s much safer to have a means of escape in my opinion. I always drive to a first date.”

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