I hate it when parents ask me to swap my holiday because they want the time off – it’s not my fault you have children | The Sun

I hate it when parents ask me to swap my holiday because they want the time off – it’s not my fault you have children | The Sun

November 17, 2023

WITH Christmas just around the corner, many families will be jetting off to get some winter sun.

However, one influencer has shared why she thinks parents shouldn’t get prioritised when it comes to holidays – and her reasoning is pretty controversial.

Unsurprisingly, the short video has sparked huge debate on social media.

Many parents will know the pain of trying to book annual leave in the school holidays, with co-workers fighting for similar times and package holidays costing even more.

However, this still wasn’t enough to sway TikToker @_cal_cifer, who gave her brutal thoughts about how holiday days were awarded.

Also known as Callie, the influencer told fans that parents’ holidays shouldn’t be prioritised ‘just because they have kids’.

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"If the week of spring break for your kids school is so important to you because you are planning a family trip you need to show initiative and take that time off," she argued.

The content creator had an equally blunt response for parents whoserequests for time off were rejected.

In a heated rant, she asserted: “If somebody else you work with happens to ask for those days off first, I’m sorry but I guess you are s**t out of luck.”

This isn't the first time the content creator has gotten into a tail spin about school holidays.

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Callie regularly shares her thoughts about the modern working world and had been responding to a comment on a previous video about the subject.  

In the earlier clip, she recalled the awkward moment she was asked to swap holidays with a co-worker who wanted to spend Thanksgiving and Black Friday with her kids.

This is despite Callie booking the time off ‘a year in advance’.

According to the Tiktoker, things rapidly escalated as she and the woman, who was a decade older, came to bitter blows over the topic.

"She was told no because it was so last minute. My manager then approaches me and asks if I would be willing to give my days off for her and I say no."

Callie continued, adding: "He gets livid, telling me that she's a parent and she deserves that time with her kids. I tell him no again.

"So now he's mad and then she approaches me the next day and then tells me that I need to give my time off for her because she wants to spend the holiday with her kids."

To which the woman added: "You have no idea how hard it is. You don't have kids so Thanksgiving is just another day for you. Why can't you just let me have it? Why do you want to take memories away from my kids?"

Although she stood her ground, her followers have continued to debate about her decision in the comments.

Many sided with the child-free creator, with one user saying: “Parents are the most entitled group of people I've ever had to deal with at the workplace."

Others were shocked by her stance, with another adding: “I worked all holidays before I had kids so people with kids could have their time. I haven’t worked a single holiday since my kids were born.”

“I don’t expect to be prioritised because I have kids, but also my job should not expect to be prioritised over my kids,” added a third mum.

It seems the holidays won’t be so merry – especially with these colleagues!

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