I bought a COFFIN to sleep in – it's memory foam and so comfy but people say it's an instant red flag & I’m a ‘weirdo’ | The Sun

I bought a COFFIN to sleep in – it's memory foam and so comfy but people say it's an instant red flag & I’m a ‘weirdo’ | The Sun

October 20, 2023

A WOMAN who bought a coffin to sleep in is used to being labelled a "weirdo".

Explaining that she has wanted a coffin bed since she was 14, she admitted that her parents initially said no because it "would be weird".

However, she insisted the "joke's on them" now, as she's got her own to cuddle up in at night.

The woman, who even has vampire fangs courtesy of some acrylic clip-ons, took to TikTok to share some "coffin info", as she began: "Yes I keep a full, real coffin in my bedroom.

"I got it from a place called Casket Builder Supply and it's just like unpainted pine.

"The total size is 6ft 8 and you for sure need help when you're putting it together."

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The coffin is super comfy as it's packed out with "four inches of memory foam", but she doesn't close the lid when she sleeps in there.

However, she did say that she could close the lid and still be safe, as it's not "air tight".

"It's a great way of weeding out potentially bad dates cause ain't no one wanna hang out with someone who has a coffin in their room," she said.

"Anyway, it's a great way to hide away from all my problems."

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People in the comments section were divided as to their thoughts on the coffin bed, with many admitting they couldn't get their head around it.

"See this, a huuuuuuuge red flag and honestly more of a sign to run away instead of walk away," one wrote.

"This isn't normal, you got some trauma…this coming from a guy who's born in Communist Transylvania," another added, while a third called her a "weirdo".

"Uhm woman, are you okay?" someone else asked.

"Only asking cause you shouldn’t be really having a full on coffin in your bedroom."

"What….. the… f**k," another wondered.

But others were more into the idea, with one writing: "Okay so this has it confirmed. I'm attracted to red flags."

"That is actually really cool.. specially with your fangs," another added.

"So just a thought: you could find a way to mount a phone or iPad in the lid turning into a personal home theatre," a third suggested.

With the woman replying: "Oh my gosh wait that’s genius!! Totally gonna look into how I can do that!"

"Just a little reading/decompression nook. Perfection," someone else said.

As she responded: "YES!! It’s honestly so cosy for reading!"

"Girl you are literally living my dream, the fangs, the coffin bed," another wrote.

"I'm very happy for you."

And some people even came up with some practical uses for the coffin bed.

"Honestly I would love a memory foam padded box to hide in, especially if my migraines came back," one admitted.

"I would close the lid though!"

As another said: "Honestly this sounds lit for night shift workers.

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"Little extra sound proofing, lid keeps the light out.

"Vampires were onto something here!"

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