Stacey Solomon decorates Pickle Cottage for Christmas with just ribbon and double sided sticky tape

Stacey Solomon decorates Pickle Cottage for Christmas with just ribbon and double sided sticky tape

November 19, 2023

Stacey Solomon has been busy getting in the festive spirit and is slowly giving Pickle Cottage a full Christmas makeover ready for December.

The Loose Women panellist, 34, who has shared a gushing tribute to husband Joe Swash, took to Instagram on Sunday afternoon to unveil her latest Christmas crafty hack, after recently creating her own 'bells'.

Using only red velvet ribbon and double sided sticky tape, Stacey completely transformed the doors inside her stunning family home, making them look like they'd been gift wrapped.

"Christmas up the doors with me," Stacey captioned a clip of her getting to work on decorating the doors.

She jokingly added: "I got showered in between if you're wondering why I'm in two different outfits," with a laughing emoji.

Mum-of-five Stacey could be seen sticking two lines of double sided tape vertically on the door, before draping a piece of thick red ribbon down the door. She then repeated this horizontally, creating a cross shape on the door.

Stacey added a red bow to the centre of the cross, before her adorable son Rex, four, arrived in the video to hand his mum a pair of gold bells. Stacey added the bells to the underneath of the bow, completing her festive door display.

Unveiling the finished product, Stacey told her fans: "I'm slowly but surely bringing Christmas into the house. One ribbon at time," with a laughing emoji.

"This was so easy & so cheap just a roll of thick ribbon & some double sided tape. But it's so effective I think," she added.

Stacey's latest creation comes after she was left in stitches following her followers' unamused reaction to one of her Christmas crafts.

Struggling to contain her laugher, the Loose Women panellist said: "I've woken up this morning to a lot of you messaging me saying 'Stace, your Christmas bells are s**t!'" as she burst out laughing.

She added: "I'm laughing because I thought they were really good." The star continued to giggle through her chat as she referenced back to her latest online festive craft, which involved spray painting a children's bouncing toy gold, and painting details onto it to turn it into a large decorative bauble.

She said: "I was like 'yeah, smashed it again.' I thought I'd made some amazing Christmas bells and you lot are like 'what is that Stacey? It's s**t.' It's really tickled me.

"Look I think this is a really good lesson to learn – beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for one – clearly! And two, not every craft's a winner. Not every craft looks amazing at the end of it. And a lot of you say to me, 'ah, if I made that it would look rubbish, why do you make everything look so nice?' Well, I don't!"

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