5 Celebrities That Are Paying Off Student Loans

March 26, 2020

Do you want to know who are the celebrities that are paying off student loans? We have gathered a list of 5 personalities doing this.

5 Celebrities That Are Paying off Student Loans

Nowadays, lots of students try to be debt-free during and after studying college. And having celebrities to pay the student loans is quite cool. There are lots of personalities who are willing to pay off student finances. Personalities are pretty aware of the expensive fees and prices in college, but to give honor, help, and appreciation to their fans, they are willing to pay off student loans. So, to help you be more aware of these stars, here are the five celebrities that are paying off student loans.

1. Nicki Minaj 

Aside from admiring the edu birdie review, most students also appreciated Nicki Minaj not only for having good and interesting music but also for helping most of the students in paying student loans. Last 2017, Minaj caught the attention of many students when she asked them to send a class card with A-straight grade. As a reward, she will pay their education fees. Right after several days, she revealed the name of the learners that she had assisted. It continued until 2018, where she was able to help thirty students pay their fees. Until today, Nicki Minaj has helped lots of students because she knew how important education is.

2. Rihanna 

Just like how students love wiseessays.com, they are also in love with Rihanna not only for her top-tier music but also for helping lots of children who are in need by providing scholarship programs and paying off student finances. She is also well-known for supporting lots of charities. Through her very own foundation, you can be entitled to the scholarship that she offers once you meet all the requirements needed.

3. Beyonce 

I bet you are already familiar with the name Beyonce since she is a famous celebrity who is known for having good music and bagged numerous awards from lots of award-giving concerts. Just like how primewritings.com reviews help every college learner, Beyonce also helps them to pay off students loan and award allowances to the deserving students. This superstar continues to give her help and support to students until this day.

4. Jay-Z 

Aside from Beyonce, Jay-Z is also generous for providing the chance to students by giving them money and paying student finances for their education. Jay-Z has funded the famous Shawn Carter Foundation to assist undergraduate learners. But in order to be rewarded with the assistance, you must reach all their requirements, which are having 2.0 GPA as your minimum grade, 25 years old and below, and you are a US citizen.

5. Rapper Nelly

Another celebrity who is having a heart in assisting students to pay off student finances and give scholarships to deserving students is none other than the rapper named Nelly. Over the years, he aimed to help students without publicity. This is more likely because of his mission, which is to create a change rather than to build an impression. He even chose to create funds for scholarships under the name of Michael Brown without any public bearing. Aside from this, Nelly is also reported to help two students every year to go to college, granting them financial assistance.

All the celebrities mentioned in this article are only some of the artists and superstars with golden hearts to help many students. They are indeed the best, amazing, and true idols for helping those people in need, especially the students, to have a better future.