Workers are shocked when brown water pours from the trunk of a tree

Workers are shocked when brown water pours from the trunk of a tree

December 11, 2020

Eau no! Lumberjacks are shocked when brown water pours from the trunk of a tree they have just chopped down in the woods

  • A group of men were clearing a fallen tree from a trail in Mallie, Kentucky 
  • While chopping the trunk, a large amount of brown water poured from the tree 
  • The three men expressed surprise by the amount of water contained in the tree 

This is the amazing moment a lumberjack cutting into a dead tree is surprised by the amount of dirty water which poured out of it. 

The man and his friends were working last month in Mallie, Kentucky removing the tree which had fallen over.   

The lumberjack, who has not been identified said: ‘My friend and I were clearing a path to a tree stand. There was a tree that had fell in the pathway. We started to cut the tree up to move it and that’s when it started pouring water. It poured water for about 3-4 minutes.’ 

A lumberjack was surprised to discover dirty brown water flowing out of a tree trunk which had fallen on a trail in Mallie, Kentucky

The rotten tree had fallen down in the woods allowing water to build up inside the trunk

The workers expressed surprise by the amount of water which was contained in the trunk

The man was planning to chop the 30ft tree into smaller sections so it could be easily removed from the path. 

According to the footage, the tree’s roots had been pulled up from the ground suggesting it had died and was rotting before it fell over. 

The crown of the tree had been lying at the bottom of a shallow incline which allowed the water to pool inside the trunk. 

One man off camera said: ‘That was wild, wasn’t it?’

Another posing with a chainsaw said: ‘That was awesome, man. I’ve never seen nothing like that in my life.

The 30ft high tree had fallen over and the men were chopping up the truck in three foot sections.

Having successfully removed the upper branches and starting work on the trunk, they made an incision with the chainsaw resulting in water to flood out.

There was so much water in the trunk that it took several minutes for the flow to stop.

One of the men says: ‘Look, it keeps pouring man, it’s not slowing.’

Social media users compared the dirty brown water to the effects of eating poor quality takeaway food. 

MailOnline has approached the Arboricultural Association for a comment about how a tree can hold such a large amount of water.  

The water took between three and four minutes to empty from the rotten tree

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