Woman with 'extremely rare' long big toe leaves doctors baffled as she says she struggles to get her shoes on

Woman with 'extremely rare' long big toe leaves doctors baffled as she says she struggles to get her shoes on

April 5, 2021

A US woman has left doctors trying to find their feet after she revealed her extremely long big toes.

Anna Tantillo baffled medics on TLC's toe-curling show, 'My Feet Are Killing Me' when she showed off her huge hallux's.

She told how her extraordinary affliction has been the source of constant pain for every step she takes and "has bothered her all her life".

Foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Brad Schaeffer admitted he had "never seen a patient with this long of a big toe," ahead of Anna's appointment as he scrolled through images of her ailment.

But as well as in a cosmetic sense, Dr. Schaeffer warned her extra-long big toe could also cause her serious medical issues in the future.

"When you have a foot where your toe is, like, double the size that jamming in a shoe, every step you take – that's going to cause arthritis, that's going to create jamming of the joints, and it's going to cause pain every step," he explained.

An agitated Anna, sporting pointed-toe shoes in an attempt to fit and disguise her digits, heads into the consultation declaring: "I'm nervous."

She continues, "My biggest fear is that Dr. Schaeffer is not gonna be able to help me and this is kind of my last option."

The esteemed owner of the NYC Sole Podiatry surgery inspects her unusual appendage before declaring, "That is definitely something.

"Her toes kind of pops right out at you. I've personally never seen a patient that has this long of a big toe.

"It's extremely rare," he continued.

A snippet from the foot transformation show recently went viral on TikTok after the episode was broadcast on TLC earlier this year.

Dr. Schaeffer is seen weighing up his options to ease Anna's pain – and has to "determine which bone possibly has to be either removed or fused".

"That's really the job I have in front of me right now".

But Anna needn't feel alone in regards to her lengthy digits, as a 16-year-old revealed her "five inch finger" on Tik Tok last month.

Olivia Mercea, of Arizona, shared a humorous video of her captioned: "Me thinking about the time my five inch finger went viral."

She teases her followers before revealing a clip of her humongous middle finger before jokingly blowing a kiss at the end of the video and saying, "My toes are worse".

Both of the interesting indispositions were a viral hit with intrigued social media users.

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