Woman who stalked BBC Radio DJ Gilles Peterson and screamed 'Hiroshima b***h' at his Japanese wife is jailed

Woman who stalked BBC Radio DJ Gilles Peterson and screamed 'Hiroshima b***h' at his Japanese wife is jailed

June 25, 2020

A STALKER who waged a hate campaign against a BBC DJ and his family has been jailed.

Sarah Jayne Rook was sentenced to 26 weeks behind bars for bombarding Gilles Peterson with death threats and racially abusing his Japanese wife before scaling scaffolding at his house.

Rook, 44, was handed her sentence and an indefinite restraining order after previously being found guilty of "persistently" stalking 6Music presenter Gilles Peterson in February and March.

The BBC DJ, 55, whose real surname is Moehrle, previously told a trial at Stratford Magistrates' Court that Rook repeatedly turned up outside his north London home.

He said she would hurl abuse – “all kinds of stuff from paedophile to Hiroshima and rapist – all very extreme words that were shouted at my house".

During one 30-minute barrage on February 15, Rook repeatedly shouted expletives including "c***" outside the family home, as well as calling Mr Moehrle's wife Atsuko "a “Hiroshima b***h” when she refused to open the door.

Rook also screamed “You will die” at the DJ as he left BBC Broadcasting House in Portland Place, central London on 21 March.

One on occasion, Rook attended the home Mr Peterson shared with his wife in Stoke Newington, posing as a charity worker and attacked his car with a pole.

She then pinned a torn up photograph of the DJ's face to his car windscreen before leaving a Joker playing card followed by an Ace of Clubs.

She stalked Mr Peterson while subject to bail conditions, preventing her from contacting the Frenchman.

She returned to Mr Peterson's family home and banged on his window while he watched terrified from behind his blinds, before climbing onto scaffolding and scaling outside of his house, the court heard.

She remained there until police arrived and told her to leave.

Rook also racially abused a police officer who arrested her, saying: “She's not a real police officer, she's a Winnie Mandela.”

In a statement read at the sentencing hearing at Barkingside Magistrates' Court on Thursday, the DJ said: "This incident has caused me to fear for my safety and the safety of my family."

Mr Peterson also spoke of being concerned about his family when he begins to work away from home again, adding: "When lockdown ends I know I will continue to feel uncomfortable."

The court was told he received abuse on Twitter while presenting his usual show and as a result of the incidents his personal security was increased.

Mr Peterson said he was in the middle of a live set at the Radio 6 studio when he spotted a tweet branding him a “fraud” and a “contrived c**t” and another threatening him with death.

Mr Peterson revealed: “I saw a tweet (during the broadcast) saying 'F***ing kill him.”

“The other said: 'You sound like a contrived c***t right now, literally you are a fraud.''

Rook, of Surbiton, south-west London, was also sentenced for racially aggravated harassment against Pc Karlene Richards by calling her a "f****** n****" after her arrest in March.

In a read statement, the officer said she previously thought she had a thick skin, but the incident had caused "invisible wounds".

She added: "Being called a f****** n**** has affected me more than I thought."

Rook interrupted the sentencing hearing on 23 times claiming that she could not hear others in the court room.

At one point she referred to prosecutor Varinder Hayre's statement as a "blatant outright lie".

The judge eventually removed Rook from court before inviting her back to hear her sentence.

Rook, who described herself as a freelance journalist and photographer, did not give evidence saying it would be a “waste of an exercise”.

Passing sentence, District Judge Louisa Cieciora said it had been an "extremely serious offence intended to cause maximum distress" and that "very serious distress was caused to the victims".

“It took place over two months, it was in the presence of family members. You targeted multiple locations so the victims had nowhere they could go without fear of you being there.”

“You pretended to be a charity worker. You shouted abuse outside their homes, you left items on their home, you sent tweets.”

“This had a significant impact on the victims to the extent they are in significant distress. I also note one of the instances took place when you were on court bail.”

Rook was sentenced to 22 weeks for stalking, which she will serve concurrently to a 26-week sentence for racially-aggravated harassment against Mrs Moehrle.

Ms Cieciora also handed down an indefinite restraining order, forcing Rook to stay away from the family's home and work addresses, including the BBC's Broadcasting House.

She was fined £400 for the racist abuse of Pc Richards and ordered to pay the officer £200 compensation.

Rook will also pay £300 court costs.

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