Woman trapped in Covid quarantine watches in horror via CCTV as her dog demolishes her home

Woman trapped in Covid quarantine watches in horror via CCTV as her dog demolishes her home

January 19, 2022

A CHINESE woman stuck in a 14-day quarantine watched helplessly via a CCTV cam as her dog demolished her living room and wardrobe.

The owner from the locked-down city of Xi'an said she was not allowed to bring pets into the quarantine centre with her, so she prepared enough food for her dog and left it alone at home.

After she left, the woman’s beloved pet sat at the front door and waited for her to return. 

But on the second day, the dog became anxious and started ripping apart her sofa, reports China’s HouLang News.

She shared the video on Chinese social media, saying: "Every single day, it was tearing up the house. Every single day it was destroying a new item. 

“Almost everything in the house is broken now.”

However, despite the damage to her home, Liu said: "At least my dog is still healthy. 

“It hasn't eaten anything that bad. In seven days, we can return home, and things will get better."

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The woman added: "The house may be trashed, but we can clean it up, and it'll be okay."

Chinese authorities have repeatedly struggled with what to do with pets while residents were quarantined. 

Elsewhere, in Hong Kong, more than 1,000 hamsters will be culled and about 150 pet store visitors sent to government quarantine facilities as city officials responded to fears of animal-to-human coronavirus transmission. 

Health officials in the Chinese territory launched an investigation into the hamsters imported from the Netherlands.

This came after a pet store employee who had received two BioNTech vaccinations tested positive for Covid.

Xian has reported more than 1,600 cases but no deaths in its latest surge.

That's a small number compared to outbreaks in other countries, a sign that Chinas zero-tolerance strategy of quarantining every case, mass testing and trying to block new infections from abroad has helped it contain major outbreaks.

The lockdowns, however, are far more stringent than anything seen in the West, and have exacted a tremendous toll on the economy and disrupted the lives of millions of people.

News of people in Xi'an seeking urgent medical care who have been turned away at hospitals for not having current COVID-19 test results have spread online.

They included a pregnant woman who felt pains in her stomach on New Year's Day but was not allowed into a hospital, according to a post by the woman's niece that was shared widely on social media.

The woman waited outside the hospital on a pink plastic stool until she started bleeding. In a video taken by her husband which was circulated widely, a pool of blood was visible by her feet.

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