Woman paid $4,000 for murder pregnant woman whose baby was ripped out

Woman paid $4,000 for murder pregnant woman whose baby was ripped out

April 20, 2022

Woman, 23, who suffered a miscarriage confesses to paying $4,000 to three men to murder pregnant homeless woman and rip her baby from her womb in Colombia

  • Yadira Yepes was charged with aggravated homicide, torture and child trafficking in connection to the murder of Sandra Álvarez in Soacha, Colombia
  • Yepes told the Soacha Metropolitan Police that she paid $4,000 to three men who drugged and killed the pregnant Álvarez so that they could take her baby 
  • The 23-year-old suspect walked into a hospital and told doctors she had just given birth hours after Álvarez was killed, but they determined she was lying
  • Police revealed Yepes had been pregnant but had suffered a miscarriage about three months earlier
  • Álvarez had a drug addiction problem and was homeless, according to authorities
  • She was approached the night of April 8 and conned by the three suspects into going for a walk and was killed on a street in the rural town of Chachua 

A 23-year-old woman is facing aggravated homicide, torture and child trafficking charges in Colombia after she confessed to paying $4,000 for the killing of a 37-year-old homeless pregnant woman, who was drugged before her baby boy was ripped out of the womb.

Yadira Yepes was taken into custody in Soacha, Cundinamarca, on April 9 after she walked into Mario Gaitán Yaguas Hospital with Sandra Álvarez’s newborn son, claiming she had given birth.

After submitting Yepes to several medical exams, doctors at the facility were able to determine that she was lying and alerted the Soacha Metropolitan Police.

Soacha police Colonel Livio Castillo told local media outlets that Yepes appeared nervous while she was questioned and provided conflicting versions of how she came to be in possession of the baby.

‘We called her family and they informed us that she was pregnant but that she suddenly had appeared with a newborn saying that the birth had happened out of the blue,’ Castillo said. ‘They said that is why they had taken her to the hospital because her health could be in danger.’

Yadira Yepes paid $4,000 to three men drugged and kill the pregnant Sandra Álvarez so that they could take her baby in Soacha, Colombia. The Soacha police revealed this week that she was taken into custody April 9 after she showed up a hospital claiming she had just given birth. Medical tests showed she was lying and doctors alerted authorities, who discovered her plot and placed her under arrest

Surveillance camera picked up Yadira Yepes (left) carrying the newborn baby after the child’s pregnant mother, Sandra Álvarez was murdered

Authorities say Yepes hired three accomplices who took advantage of Álvarez’s drug addiction and convinced her to go for a walk through the streets of rural town of Chachua on April 8.

One of the three male suspects reportedly performed a C-section on Álvarez, who was 37 weeks pregnant, and took the baby from her womb before escaping.

Area residents discovered Álvarez’s corpse with the placenta and umbilical cord around 1pm on April 9. 

Yadira Yepes was taken into custody in Soacha, Cundinamarca, on April 9 after she walked into Mario Gaitán Yaguas Hospital carrying the newborn son of Sandra Álvarez hours after the homeless pregnant woman had been murdered

Yadira Yepes confessed to orchestrating the murder of a pregnant homeless woman identified as Sandra Álvarez because she wanted a baby after having suffered a miscarriage 

Yepes is escorted by the Soacha Metropolitan Police. She was already under home confinement for a previous murder charge

Surveillance footage obtained by the Soacha police showed Yepes carrying the baby in her arms after the horrific murder while an individual was riding a motorcycle beside her.

‘She then ended up confessing that she had been pregnant but that after three months she had suffered a miscarriage and that is why she had begun to devise a plan to get another baby,’ Castillo said. 

Soacha mayor Juan Saldarriaga told W Radio that Yepes had been previously arrested for aggravated theft and was under house arrest for a separate murder.

‘She has already accepted the charges and the baby is in perfect health,’ Saldarriaga said.

The three men remained at large as of Wednesday.

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