Woman freaked out after finding PADLOCKED buttons in lift sparking fears of chilling ‘secret’ floors

Woman freaked out after finding PADLOCKED buttons in lift sparking fears of chilling ‘secret’ floors

December 2, 2021

A WOMAN was left looking for the emergency exit after entering a lift with PADLOCKED buttons, sparking fears the building could be hiding"secret floors".

The terrified passenger, identified only as Ms Wu, said she discovered the bizarre fastenings in a rarely used service elevator in Yancheng, China.

She took some footage of inside the run-down lift showing the secure attachments which would prevent people from travelling to certain floors.

The majority of the call buttons in the mysterious lift were covered by metal flaps, which were then bolted shut with rusty padlocks.

Ms Wu demonstrated the opening and shut mechanism which concealed the buttons to the floors as she frantically waited to reach her desired level.

The button to travel up to the fifth floor was entirely covered by the metal flap and was still locked so that it could not be pressed.

Images of the control panel also show that the buttons for both floors two and three were also shielded in the same way – but the padlocks had become loose.

But they would have been previously hidden by the flaps, meaning they were once likely to have also had restricted access for lift users.

Ms Wu said they were both open and accessible when she was in the elevator.

Only the numbers for one and four were readily available to press – igniting a string of strange theories of what could be stashed on the concealed floors.

Ms Wu explained: "As for the specific situation, I don’t know what it is.

"It’s the first time I have seen a "locked elevator", despite taking elevators for so many years."

It seemed the secrets of the secured fifth floor is what truly set tongues wagging, as online users discussed what the top-level could contain.

One person suggested: "Could it be that there are some unknown secrets about this fifth floor?

"Every night, will this lock open silently by itself?"

But others took a pragmatic approach to the lift riddle and suggested it could have restricted access for a much more mundane reason.

They wrote: "There is no money being paid by people on the fifth floor, so this elevator will not be used on the fifth floor.

"This is all normal, and we need to get used to a society that operates like this."

Lifts have long been a source of terror for many – famed by spooky scenes in the likes of Final Destination and The Shaft.

And some horror stories have occurred in real life, like when a group of 14 people packed into an elevator in Australia and it plummeted eight floors.

Miraculously, no one was hurt in the incident in 2019.

A woman in China also died after being trapped inside a lift for a MONTH after it was turned off by maintenance workers.

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