Winners of kindness-themed photo competition revealed

Winners of kindness-themed photo competition revealed

December 4, 2020

Our kind of photos! A caring mother duck and a loving father feature among beautiful winners of kindness-themed photo competition

  • A collection of impressive images have been revealed as the top 100 entries in kindness-themed competition 
  • Pictures, including love between family members and animals, submitted for the ColorPro Award 2020 
  • More than 2,100 entries from 18 countries were received and the top three winners have now been revealed 
  • First place went to a heartwarming image of a disabled boy in Togo helping his classmate with his homework 

A caring mother duck and a loving father with his daughter on her wedding day are among the images featured in a kindness-themed photo competition. 

The beautiful images placed in the top 100 snaps selected in ViewSonic Corp’s ColorPro Award 2020 Global Photography contest, which received more than 2,100 entries from 18 countries.

Clinching top prize in the competition, which coincided with World Kindness Day, was an image taken by Spanish photographer Antonio Aragon Renuncio of a wheelchair-bound boy named Kodjo, 14, helping a classmate with his homework before they played football together in Bombouaka, Togo. 

The second prize went to Tanvir Alam for the ‘Harvesting Water Lily’ photo of the flower farmers in Barishal, Bangladesh, where 70 per cent of the village’s population is involved in the growing of water lilies on 10,000 acres of land.

‘The Drought Ladies’, taken by Chin Leong Teo in Singapore, won third prize and depicted a farmer, devastated to see the impact of drought on her farmland, being comforted by her sister.

James Chu, Chairman and CEO of ViewSonic, said: ‘During this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic, ViewSonic has worked with its partners to highlight stories of kindness from around the globe to provide some much-needed positivity.

‘The contest has shown that, no matter how dramatic the changes to people’s lives have been, kindness is still all around us. I sincerely hope that people will continue to use photography to explore heartwarming stories of kindness.’

RUN TO MUMMY, by Chin Leong Teo, Japan. In what the photographer calls a ‘show of motherly kindness’, a mother duck shelters her ducklings from the cold as she surveys the gravelly land that the birds are resting on. Japan is home to more than 40 species of ducks, some of which are also found in Europe and North America 

MANO PO, by Lusito Cleofas, Philippines. The title of the image refers to the Filipino gesture that the bride is performing here, seen as a mark of respect for one’s elders. Mano is the Spanish word for hand, while po is an honorific like ‘sir’. In this black-and-white image, the bride is showing her gratitude for her father’s kindness on the most important day of her life

BROWN BEAR MOTHER & CUB, by Buff Corsi, United States. The two bears look into each other’s eyes at Lake Clark National Park and Preserve in Alaska – a state which is home to 95 per cent of America’s brown bears. More than 200 of them are thought to live along the coast at the national park, foraging and eating salmon, while others gather inland 

KINDNESS, by Antoni Aragon Renuncio, Spain. In a makeshift classroom in Togo, a 14-year-old boy in a wheelchair helps one of his classmates with his homework at the Saint Louis Orione Center for children with disabilities. A football lies under the blackboard, highlighting one of the passions of the children at the school, who pretend to be Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo as they play with fellow pupils. This image was awarded the top prize in the ColorPro photography contest 

HARVESTING WATER LILY, by Tanvir Alam, Bangladesh. This picture was taken in Satla, a village known for its water lilies, which are the national flower of Bangladesh and provide a source of income to farmers and fishermen. In this picture, two farmers are picking the water lilies in order to sell them at a market. This image won second prize in the contest 

DROUGHT LADIES, by Chin Leong Teo, Singapore. The third-prize winner in the contest, this image shows one woman consoling another who was devastated to see her farmland ruined by drought

WORLDS TOGETHER, by Somenath Mukhopadhyay, India. A group of boys from an Indian village teamed up to help a disabled person up a hill by pulling on his tricycle with a rope. The photographer described it as a ‘playful moment’ and an ‘expression of kindness and solidarity’ which was captured in silhouette against an orange sky with the sun barely above the horizon

A MAN WHO FEEDS THE MIGRATORY BIRDS, by Saurabh Narang, Germany. A man named Mr Ramnath, who lives on the banks of the Yamuna River in Delhi, India, looks out from his boat as hundreds of seagulls swarm overhead. The seagulls migrate there between October and March to escape harsh winters in Siberia and Mr Ramnath feeds thousands of the birds 

BRIDGING GENERATION, by Jobit George, India. A father and son in white clothing sit at a mosque under a blue sky at the end of Ramadan in New Delhi, India. This year’s Eid-al-Fitr took place in the shadow of the pandemic, with some of Islam’s holiest places under lockdown, but this image symbolised the ‘passing on of important values and traditions’, the photographer said

ONE LOVE, ONE HEART, by Sultan Ahmed Niloy, Bangladesh. An older man wades nearly knee-deep in the water while holding a young child, watched by an older girl from the doorway of a home in Bangladesh. Heavy floods in the neighbouring Indian state of Assam brought high waters to Bangladesh, impacting many people – with more than 33,000 people infected with waterborne diseases during the monsoon season, according to officials – but people helped each other regardless of age

FEEDING THE DUCKS, by Sultan Ahmed Niloy, Bangladesh. Perched on a small boat, a farmer sets about herding hundreds of ducks to their farm in order to feed them. Red Cross workers in Bangladesh have previously encouraged farmers to switch to ducks rather than chickens because they can hold their own better during weather disasters such as cyclones 

EKATA by Dhapa Harshad, India. Seen here is a celebration of Janmashtami, marking the birthday of the popular Hindu deity Krishna. As part of the vibrant celebration which takes place over several days, people come together to create a human pyramid which elevates a young boy to reach clay pot filled with buttermilk. The title of the image, Ekata, meaning unity in Hindu, encapsulates the feeling of the powerful picture.     

FAMILY, by Alex Burger, China. A mother keeps her baby warm in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China, where the monkeys’ hands and feet were nearly frozen on a cold, foggy day. The mother wrapped her baby in her arms and sheltered it from the wind and rain in what the photographer described as a ‘strong reminder of the power of simple gestures’ 

BANANA LEAF SHIELD, by Anthony Ronald Garcia, Philippines. These two children were ‘wet and worried on how to get home’, the photographer says, but tried to shield each other from the rain by sheltering under a banana leaf. Umbrellas are just one of the many uses of banana leaves, which can also be worn as capes or used as a method of serving food 

FEEDING TIME, by Billy Horan, Republic of Ireland. A red deer hind is fed by its mother in Killarney National Park during the rutting season, when the photographer came across this ‘touching scene’ while looking for red stag. Killarney is the oldest national park in Ireland and is home to bats, otters, wild birds and 14 fish species as well as its population of deer 

FELINE HUG BETWEEN FATHER AND SON by Philippe Henry De Frahan. This beautiful picture shows a lion pride in the Masai Mara which had been resting around their catch of the day when suddenly the adult male moved towards his cub and shared a big hug. While the sweet moment only lasted a fraction of a second it was a charming example of sharing love, tenderness and complicity

A BROTHER’S LOVE by Luiza Marinas, Romania. While visiting a reindeer herder in the North of Mongolia the photographer saw several examples of kindness between the locals. As the chillier afternoons arrived during the summer, this caring older brother made sure his sister Namunaa was properly dressed to protect her from the cold

TENDER LOVE AND CARE by Froiland Rivera, Philippines. A child shows care and attention as he feeds milk to two small white kittens which he found on the street with his father. The young boy, who is said to love cats, always wanted one of his own and when they discovered the abandoned animals they took them home and looked after them, showing them love and kindness

ON A WINTER MORNING by Barun Rajgaria, India. A tribal girl protects a dog by wrapping it in her blanket on a cold winter morning, sheltering together for warmth. The photographer explained that the image was so powerful to him because the woman’s eyes ‘express determination, boldness, love, and companionship’

THE MOTHER’S LOVE by Amri Arfianto, United Arab Emirates . A pair of giraffes share a moment of affection as they intertwine they impressive long necks together, cuddling up to one another in a brief moment of unity and kindness

MOZAMBIC SISTERS by Matthieu Rivart, South Africa. While travelling in Mozambique in 2018, this photographer had the pleasure of meeting two sisters walking along the streets of Ilha. He asked if the pair would like to have a picture taken after they showed an excitable interest in his camera. And to the photographers surprise he said, in an act of kindness, the older child made sure her little sister looked perfect for the picture

FEEDING TIME by Mehmet Karaca, Turkey. A newly born calf is shown an act of kindness by a woman who feeds it milk while it is unable to stand on its feet and the cow’s mother watches on closely, appearing to be grateful for the woman’s compassion

FREEDOM AND KINDNESS by Nimai Chandra Ghosh, India. Two teenagers smile widely and appear to be greatly enjoying their day as they clutch on to some white birds in the hands while posing for the beautiful photograph underneath the word ‘Freedom’ drawn on the wall 

THE LITTLE SHEPHERD by Meric Aktar, Turkey. In the darkness, this young little shepherd is the picture of happiness as he takes time to show this newly born lamb affection by hand feeding it from a bottle in a barn

BASKET ASSIST by Lawrence Worcester, United States Of America. Sometimes we all need a little nudge and a helping hand and this fellow cyclist did just that when he rode up to help a man carrying dozens of baskets to market near Taungoo, Myanmar, and helped him push it along

GOAT FEEDING by Rabin Chakrabarti, India. While clutching a small child, this village woman, dressing in brightly coloured, elaborately details clothes, takes time out of her day to spread a little kindness elsewhere, feeding a goat on the steps of her home

THE KINDNESS by an unknown photographer. A pair of young chimpanzees show each other affection as they snuggle up together. Describing the feelings that emerge when they see the image, the photographer said: ‘Living in the world, all need kindness’

KINDNESS IS… by Natalia Polomina, Russian Federation. In an exquisite winter scene, with snow falling to the ground, this little girl and her furry friend showed sharing truly is caring with this sweet image in which she allows her dog to enjoy a lick of her lollipop too 

COLOR OF LOVE by Siva Chandru, India. This image of a woman named Fathima shows her growing bond with her pet monkey and the love they share. The photographer explained that the monkey had once snatched food from the woman and ate it. When she saw what it had done, she spoke to it and sat with it, beginning to share her food and the pair have live together ever since 

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE by Natalia Polomina, Russian Federation. A young girl poses with her less-than-impressed pet dog and the sunlight catches them perfectly, highlighting their fly-away hair. The image, according to the photographer, shows the amazing bond children form with pets, stating :’What could be more beautiful and kinder than the friendship of children and animals’

A CHILD HELPING TO CARRY THE FISH by Romelo Jamisola, Qatar. As well as an idyllic sunset backdrop surrounded by the coast, this image also symbolises the beauty of family. The photographer recalls seeing the child running along the beach and when he saw that his father caught a big fish he ran quickly to bring it to his mother to show her their triumph

HITCHING A RIDE 1 by Chin Leong Teo, Japan. These creatures exemplify how working together can make for a perfect combination and help give people the support they need, as the snail offers an ant a ride as both of them travelled across a body of water

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