Who were Jeffrey Dahmer's victims? | The Sun

Who were Jeffrey Dahmer's victims? | The Sun

September 21, 2022

JEFFREY Dahmer shocked the world when he was arrested in 1991 for the heinous crimes he committed against his victims.

Here’s a timeline of Dahmer’s murders and their tragic stories.

How many people did Jeffrey Dahmer kill?

Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most notorious serial killers of all time.

Dahmer, also known as the “Milwaukee Monster” butchered at least 17 young men and boys. He even cannibalized some of them.

The men were all young, ranging in age from 14 to 32. Many of them were gay ethnic minorities.

But what they all had in common, was the misfortune to cross Jeffery Dahmer's path somewhere between 1978 to 1991.

Who were Jeffrey Dahmer's victims?

June 1978: Steven Hicks

Dahmer committed his first murder in 1978, bludgeoning hitchhiker Steven Hicks, 18, whom he lured back to his house for drinks with a dumbbell before strangling him with the dumbbell handle.

Dahmer – who had only graduated from college three weeks prior to the murder – dissected Hicks' body in his basement before burying it in the garden.

He would go on to dig the body up and dissolve it in acid and crush the bones with a sledgehammer.

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September 1987: Steven Tuomi

His second murder would not be until 1987 following a stint in the US Army in West Germany when he killed 25-year-old Steven Tuomi in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Twisted Dahmer later dismembered Tuomi disposing of the individual body parts apart from the severed head.

October 1987: James Doxtator

Following the murder of Tuomi, Dahmer would go on to regularly seek out his victims – the third of which came only three months after the murder of Tuomi.

That victim was a 14-year-old native American male prostitute named James Doxtator whom he paid $50 to pose for nude pictures before strangling him and leaving his body in his basement.

He would later dispose of Doxtator in the same manner as Tuomi.

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March 1988: Richard Guerrero

Jeffrey Dahmer met his next victim, 22-year-old Richard Guerrero, outside of a Milwaukee bar. 

Dahmer offered him $50 to return with him to his grandmother’s home, where Dahmer drugged and strangled him.

He then had sex with Guerrero’s corpse and dismembered his body

March 1989: Anthony Sears

Aspiring model, 24-year-old Anthony Sears met his killer at a bar.

Dahmer convinced Sears to accompany him to his grandmother’s home, where he drugged and strangled him.

He also kept gruesome trophies from this murder — Sears’ head and genitals — because he’d found Sears “exceptionally attractive.”

After this, there was a gap between Anthony Sears and the following murder victims as Dahmer was sentenced to a year in prison for sexually assaulting 13-year-old Keison Sinthasomphone in September 1988.

May 1990: Raymond Smith

After leaving prison,Dahmer moved into an apartment at 924 North 25th Street in Milwaukee.

He soon met a 32-year-old sex worker named Raymond Smith.

Dahmer offered Smith $50 to come home with him to which he then drugged him and strangled him to death.

Dahmer took photos of Smith's corpse before dismembering his body but preserving his skull, which he kept next to Sears’ remains.

June 1990: Edward Smith

Dahmer was actually acquainted with his seventh victim, 27-year-old Edward Smith.

They’d apparently been seen together at clubs before, and at Dahmer’s trial, Smith’s brother alleged that Smith had “tried to be Jeffrey Dahmer’s friend.”

However, Dahmer killed him and stashed some of his body parts in his freezer until they started to degrade and fall apart.

September 1990: Ernest Miller And David Thomas

Two of Dahmer’s victims were killed during the month of September 1990: 22-year-old Ernest Miller and 22-year-old David Thomas.

Miller was murdered first, and unlike most of Dahmer’s victims who were drugged and strangled to death, Miller’s throat was cut.

Three weeks later, Dahmer met Thomas and managed to get him back to his apartment.

Dahmer then drugged and strangled him, but chose not to keep any of his body parts.

February 1991: Curtis Straughter

Dahmer used his usual trick of offering money for nude photos to 17-year-old Curtis Straughter, who agreed to return to Dahmer’s apartment.

Like many, Dahmer then drugged, strangled, photographed, and dismembered him.

He kept various parts of his body, both to cannibalize and save as trophies.

April 1991: Errol Lindsey

Lindsey, 19, suffered one of the most agonizing deaths.

He was kept alive for a gruesome experiment.

After luring Lindsey back to his apartment, Dahmer drugged him — and then drilled a hole in his head and poured hydrochloric acid into it.

May 1991: Anthony Hughes And Konerak Sinthasomphone

Dahmer met the first victim, 31-year-old Anthony Hughes, at a Milwaukee gay bar.

Hughes, who was deaf, agreed to go home with Dahmer, where he then drugged him and strangled him.

Not long afterwards, Dahmer lured 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone — the younger brother of the boy he’d assaulted back in 1988 — to his apartment.

Dahmer attempted his “drilling” experiment again on Sinthasomphone.

While Sinthasomphone managed to escape, Dahmer convinced him to return.

He then continued his drilling experiment again, which killed eventually killed him.

June 1991: Matthew Turner

Matthew Turner, 20, died just like many others had.

Dahmer convinced Turner to come back to his apartment, where he drugged, strangled, and dismembered him.

Dahmer then preserved some of Turner’s body parts in his freezer.

July 1991: Jeremiah Weinberger, Oliver Lacy, And Joseph Bradehoft

In a two-week span, Dahmer killed 23-year-old Jeremiah Weinberger, 24-year-old Oliver Lacy, and 25-year-old Joseph Bradehoft.

But on July 22, 1991, Dahmer’s luck finally ran out.

Just days after he killed Bradehoft, he lured 32-year-old Tracy Edwards to his apartment by offering to pay him for nude photos.

Edwards managed to escape and brought officers to Dahmer’s apartment.

The police found more than enough evidence to see that Edwards was not the only victim of Jeffery Dahmer.

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Evil Dahmer was bludgeoned to death by Christopher Scarver, a fellow inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution.

He died aged 34 on November 28, 1994, at the prison in Portage, Wisconsin.

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