Who is Larry Page's wife Lucinda Southworth? | The Sun

Who is Larry Page's wife Lucinda Southworth? | The Sun

March 26, 2023

GOOGLE co-founder Larry Page is one of the world's richest men.

The company is now a household name all over the world, but what you may not be aware of is Page's family life. Here, we look at his wife Lucinda Southworth.

Who is Lucinda Southworth?

Lucinda Southworth is an American scientist, best known as the wife of Google co-founder Larry Page.

They married in 2007 on Sir Richard Branson’s luxury Caribbean island of Necker.

Southworth was born on May 24, 1979.

Her sister is actress Carrie Southworth, who had roles in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and General Hospital.


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Her father was Van Roy Southworth, who worked at the World Bank in Washington.

Her mother is Doctor Cathy McLain, an American psychologist.

Southworth studied at the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University and Oxford University.

Do Lucinda Southworth and Larry Page have children?

Their first child was a son born in 2009, and was followed by a second child born in 2011.

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Not a lot of information is known about the children, and Page and Southworth prefer to keep them out of the public eye.

Together with her husband, she founded the Carl Victor Page memorial foundation, which focuses on which raises funds for a number of social issues.

Where does Lucinda Southworth live?

Southworth lives with her husband in a large mansion in California.

It is rumoured that Page and Southworth own the island of Eustatia in the Carribean.

It is not far from Necker Island, where the pair married.

What is Larry Page's net worth?

Page has a net worth of $90.8billion (around £74billion) as of March 2023, according to Forbes.

Page currently owns 6.1 per cent of Alphabet, a holding company founded by himself and Sergey Brin in 2015 that houses Google as one of its subsidiaries.

Page was CEO of Google between 1998 and 2001, and then again between 2011 and 2015.

He was then CEO of Alphabet between 2015 and 2019, and remains a major shareholder.

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