Who is Doug Mastriano? | The Sun

Who is Doug Mastriano? | The Sun

November 1, 2022

DOUG Mastriano played a key role on behalf of the United States Army before he retired as a colonel.

Mastriano applied similar strategies to propel his political career.

Who is Doug Mastriano?

Douglas Vincent Mastriano, 58, was born on January 2, 1964, in New Jersey.

He is known for his career as a far-right politician and retired colonel of the United States Army.

Mastriano fought in several wars on different continents from 1986 to 2017.

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Currently, Doug is the state Senator for Pennsylvania's 33rd District, which includes all of Adams Country, and parts of Franklin, Cumberland, and York Counties.

He was elected in May 2019.

Doug is also an author with multiple published books to his name.

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What did Doug Mastriano say about climate change?

In recent years, environmental activists have been urging members of Congress to help stop climate change.

However, many people don't believe that the long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns have been harmful to the Earth.

Among those who have been skeptical is Mastriano, who reportedly deleted a video from his Facebook page where he referred to climate change as "pop science."

"Let's talk about climate change. They're hellbent on this theory — it's a theory, it's not a fact," Mastriano said in the deleted clip, via PEOPLE.

"Heck, the weatherman can't get the weather right, you know, 24 hours out. … Al Gore said we were doomed by 2012, that cities would be overrun by melting glaciers."

The Philadelphia Inquirer was among the first publications to report about the video and revealed that more than a dozen other videos have been removed from his page in the last three months.

Is Doug Mastriano married?

Doug Mastriano is currently married to Rebecca Mastriano.

Rebecca once served as a chaplain with Marketplace Ministries at Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe.

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Doug and Rebecca share one child together – Josiah Mastriano.

Josiah is said to be an Eagle Scout, Canadian Chief Scout, and recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards.

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