What's happening in Afghanistan?

What's happening in Afghanistan?

August 13, 2021

EVIL Taliban militants are continuing their murderous rampage as they leap closer to taking over Afghanistan.

As the body count climbs – including beheadings, hangings, and crucifixions – the terror group is expected to be in total control within weeks, warn experts.

What's happening in Afghanistan?

The Taliban have captured Afghanistan's Lashkar Gah, capital of the southern province of Helmand, after two weeks of heavy fighting, a police official said on Friday, August 13.

Insurgents have boasted of capturing the embattled country's second and third largest cities after Kabul.

Officials claim to have seized Kandahar and Herat – meaning the Taliban have taken 12 of Afghanistan's 34 provincial capitals as part of a week-long blitz.

The assault came after the militants seized their tenth provincial capital Ghazni, where they broke into a jail and freed 400 inmates.

Thousands of people displaced by the fighting have fled to Kabul and are living in open fields and parks.

Terrified Afghans have fled their homes amid fears of the Taliban's brutal, repressive actions, including eliminating women's rights and conducting public executions.

Kabul itself isn't directly under threat – yet.

However, the rampaging Taliban are now estimated to have grabbed power of over two-thirds of the country, as they continue to cut a bloody path to full takeover.

The advancing Jihadists are even riding on American-made Humvees and brandishing M-16s pilfered from overpowered Afghan forces.

Reports have emerged that fighters are "going to door-to-door" to round up young girls to be sexually assaulted as “sex slaves” by child abusers in the terror group.

The ruthless militants have already slaughtered scores of innocent civilians and vowed to crush gay men to death by pushing walls on them as they plot to reinstate their strict interpretation of Sharia law.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden is sending in 3,000 troops to help evacuate some personnel from the American Embassy in Kabul.

Britain has confirmed that about 600 troops would be deployed on a short-term basis to support British nationals leaving the country.

Up to 4,000 Brits, contractors and staff will be evacuated, leaving only a skeleton staff including ambassador Sir Laurie Bristow in Kabul.

And Canada is sending special forces to help evacuate its embassy.

I saw Biden’s comments and I just thought, ‘D***head’.

In a speech, Mr Biden insisted of the crumbling Afghan forces: “They have got to want to fight."

Royal Marine Ben McBean, 33, who lost an arm and a leg in Afghanistan, said: “I saw Biden’s comments and I just thought, ‘D***head’.

“You can’t say ‘fend for yourselves’, when you know damned f***ing well they can’t.

That’s why we were there. It’s harsh to make out now that they have the resources to beat the Taliban when obviously they never have.

“He’s had enough. He doesn’t care. And it’s just going to be chaos there until it reaches our shores again.”

His fears that Afghanistan will turn into a terrorist stronghold have been echoed by other defence analysts.


A new ‘cradle of jihad’ is forming in Afghanistan as al-Qaeda terrorists join with the Taliban in attacking the central government.

Sami Sadat, 36, the highest-ranking army officer in southern Afghanistan, told BBC News: “I have never seen so many al-Qaeda members in the front lines and in the fight shoulder to shoulder with the Taliban before, than I have seen after the withdrawal of the US forces.

“This will increase lone wolf attacks, this will increase the hope for small groups to mobilise in the cities of Europe and America and will have devastating effect on global security.”

Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists are reportedly being supported by British jihadis.

The phone calls of militants with British accents have been intercepted by spooks.

The fighters smuggled themselves into the war-torn country after the US pulled out.

Why is there a war in Afghanistan?

America toppled the Taliban when it swept in to Afghanistan after the September 11 2001 attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people in New York and Washington.

This was due to the Taliban providing a safe haven for Al-Qaeda to freely recruit, train, and deploy terrorists to other countries.

This included evil mass murderer Osama Bin Laden who was responsible for 9/11.

The Islamist militants refused to hand him over.

So, in October 2001, the US military, with international support, began a bombing campaign against Taliban militants.

The Taliban were routed from power by the American-led campaign after then US President George W. Bush vowed to “win the war against terrorism".

Since then, America has "with our NATO Allies and partners, trained and equipped nearly 300,000 current serving members of the military — of the Afghan National Security Force," says Mr Biden.


Cementing America's decision to quit the country on July 8, 2021, he added: "Our military mission in Afghanistan will conclude on August 31st.

"The United States did what we went to do in Afghanistan: to get the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 and to deliver justice to Osama Bin Laden.

"And to degrade the terrorist threat to keep Afghanistan from becoming a base from which attacks could be continued against the US.

"We achieved those objectives. That’s why we went.

"We did not go to Afghanistan to nation-build.

"And it’s the right and the responsibility of the Afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country."

Mr Biden also stated that "hundreds of thousands more Afghan National Defence and Security Forces trained over the last two decades.

"We provided our Afghan partners with all the tools – let me emphasize: all the tools, training, and equipment of any modern military.

"We provided advanced weaponry. And we’re going to continue to provide funding and equipment. And we’ll ensure they have the capacity to maintain their air force."


The reality is, however, that the Taliban have spent a decade taking control of large swaths of the countryside.

They were positioning themselves to rapidly seize key infrastructure and urban areas once Mr Biden announced the US withdrawal.

And the militants' terrifying and rapid onslaught shows a disastrous collapse of Afghan forces after the US spent billions of dollars trying to establish a functioning state.

Mr Biden said in early August 2021 that he did not regret his decision, noting Washington has spent more than $1 trillion in America's longest war and lost thousands of troops.

What's happened so far?

October 2001 – Taliban militants removed from power in Afghanistan

September 2020 – Peace talks are launched between representatives of the Afghan government and Taliban

April 2021 – US President Joe Biden announces America will withdraw troops by August 31 despite Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warning of carnage from the Taliban

May 2021 – Peace talks in Qatar have failed to make significant progress – as militants seize more territory in Afghanistan, particularly in the north

June 2021 – Hundreds of Afghan troops surrender to the Taliban as the terror group continues to accelerate its campaign to gain control over the war-torn country

July 1 2021 – Union Flag lowered in Afghanistan, ending 20 years of the UK’s military presence in the country

July 8 2021 – US President Joe Biden confirms that the US is withdrawing troops by August 31, 2021

July 19 2021 – US and NATO write a letter begging the Taliban to end terror rampage after fleeing Afghanistan as fanatics seize more territory

July 24 2021 – Interpreter Sohail Pardis, who received death threats for helping US troops in Afghanistan has ben beheaded by the Taliban

August 1 2021 – Taliban launches assaults on three cities in Afghanistan in ‘worst violence for 20 years’

August 7 2021 – US deploys B-52 bombers in a desperate bid to halt the Taliban's advance on major cities as Brits are told to get out

August 10 2021 – The Taliban is ‘going door-to-door dragging out girls as young as 12 to make them fighters’ sex slaves’ in terrifying rampage

August 12 2021 – The UK sends 600 troops to evacuate Brits from Afghanistan as rampaging Taliban seize 11 cities and ‘close in on Kabul’

August 13 2021 – The insurgents claim they have seized Kandahar and Herat – the second and third largest cities in the war-torn country – to now hold 12 of Afghanistan's 34 provincial capitals as part of a weeklong blitz

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