We live on an idyllic sun-soaked island but our beaches are being RUINED by sunbed hogging tourists – we’ve declared war | The Sun

We live on an idyllic sun-soaked island but our beaches are being RUINED by sunbed hogging tourists – we’ve declared war | The Sun

August 1, 2023

FED-up locals on an idyllic Greek island have declared war against beach bars and sunbeds claiming they are ruining their beaches.

Residents of the sunny island of Paros, Greece have launched the "towel movement" in protest of the excessive spread of sunbeds on the island's beaches.

The group Save Paros Beaches wants to highlight the fact that localswimmers are being left without any free space on the beach to put down their towels.

The group gathered at Santa Maria Beach last week while another protest took place today in Marcelo Beach.

The Citizens' Movement of Paros argues that business activities are ruining the island while locals are being left with limited space to enjoy the beach.

It said in a statement: "We claim our right to public space, our right to enjoy our beaches that are encroached upon by greedy, socially irresponsible businessmen who occupy beaches in their entirety or exceed their limits by up to 100 times the area they legally lease."

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Speaking to broadcaster ERT, a member of the Citizens' Movement of Paros, Nikolas Stefanou, explained that businesses on the island's beaches are using more space than what they've been granted.

And referring to the prices of the sunbeds in Paros, he noted that each sunbed could up to £85 (€100).

He added that according to the law, "no beach can have an area larger than half its size occupied. The other half must remain free."

Another member of the movement, Tonia Panteleou told Newsbeast: "Beaches are ecosystems and they cannot be strained to such an extent.

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"They are not meant to have hundreds of sunbeds and this creates problems."

She added that similar movements are being formed on other islands.

Meanwhile, in Spain, a war has erupted between tourists and locals over beach loungers.

Spanish council chiefs have said they will get tough with repeat offenders after photos emerged of locals trying to beat Brit tourists to prime spots by setting up sunbeds in the middle of the night.

A man was filmed sprinting for the sunbeds at a Spanish resort before dumping five towels down as others scrambled for a space.

While a Brit filmed scenes described as a "worst nightmare" when holidaymakers in Majorca rushed to grab sun loungers for a day by the pool.

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